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A fair referee

Like Dutch, like her faint fragrance, like the pale pink, like her stand gracefully erect, like its Zhuo Qing Lian without demon, like its softness ... ... Eyes, in addition to love or love. Just like in the rain with clove like melancholy girl, in a dream, don't go for volatile does not go to. In addition to her figure and its shadow, in addition to her or her pretty beautiful. Peony? Rose? Lily? Chrysanthemum? In the face of the harem, but I like a discerning gourmet, the pursuit of a perfect artist, always feel they lost something, you give me all the feeling of joy. Perhaps this is because of the preference for lotus!

Love is blind. Lin, let me feel that it is the king of flowers, no one can compare. My friends say that I too love it, ignore other flower beauty, maybe! In March, white for nu, peony, beautiful charming, make people just shocked; a hot summer day, violet Yulan, distributed delicate fragrance, dispel summer, let a person feel fresh; an invigorating autumn climate, chrysanthemum independence proud branch, integrity proud Jie arise spontaneously; the winter plum alone, for instance, are not afraid of cold, spit release fragrance, praise countless words. However, I still insist that lotus is perfect.

On Lin 's favorite, so that I become flowers are not a fair judgment. In life, the right and wrong of things, we are still biased referee? Late at night, I lay quietly in my bed, be the problem bothering. Memories of the chest was stealthily opened, the past such as water, at once.

Due to the individual worship, I became his guardian, one slightly disagree, then with his fists, friends of fear, he was silent, make my heart a little joy; and intimate partner for better, not physical things are right or wrong, indiscriminately, hard things should stand on the side of a friend due to the individual; slightly biased, appeared suspicious, the focus is on him; because their preferences for the blind obedience, repeat word for word what others say, do not know in what to do.

Suddenly discovered that, once, he is so indecisive. The unrooted orchid, chasing the duckweed, flying Qiu Lian because the wind scattered dandelion, I when life is not a fair judgment.

The world is very big, want to understand everything, but should put my personal feelings, see essence through it, make our lives more ideas, more feel their existence. Like a huge pine tree, rooted in the cliff between, not with the landscape, hurricane and change their position; like a driving alone in the valley the wild lily, don't pass by, still open so bright so happy.