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Engineering is the science and mathematics in some applications, the application, the nature of matter and energy through a variety of structures, the characteristics of the machine,

Products, systems and processes, in the most short time and precision and less human made efficient, reliable and useful to mankind. So the project without exception

Read was born, and it gradually developed into an independent discipline and skill.

1 refers to the civil construction.

" New book of Tang Wei Zhigu biography":" make Jin Xian, Yu Zhen view, although summer, strictly promoting engineering." Ming Li Dongyang call" Chen":" this word play that the emergency engineering not longitudinal end of waste, should also be a Chak is descending, the autumn air cooler, then chart repair." " Zhang Jun Qing Liu Dakui taro garden pass":" as to create stone, people involved, voluminous works, but the eagle to Dong Qiyi."

2 finger work schedule.

Cheng Duanli" Cheng's school years agenda" of reading:" six days a week,detailed engineering." " Yuan Shi Han Xingchuan":"" of the author." Reading project", the Imperial College to award shows the county town staff-officer, as the scholar type."

3 refers to the various crafts.

Yuan anonymous" afterlife" debt first fold : "I am afraid asleep missed the project, therefore my singing and music." " Ancient and modern novels, Jiang Xing Columbia heavy shirt pearls": "the sale does not become, take engineering."

In eighteenth Century 4, Europe created a" project", its original meaning is the weapons manufacturing, military the purpose of the work, and extended to many fields, such as building houses, machine manufacturing, building bridges and roads.