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Application of photovoltaic industry

" Which experts such as find a way to bring our company produced LED street light weight loss of 1 kg, I will use 1 kilograms of 100 yuan money in return, after and so on. " On September 4th, LED Light manufacturer in Fujian province application of photovoltaic industry technology innovation strategic alliance and Xiamen University joint meeting, from Quanzhou City Chunguang lighting technology limited company general manager Pan Yiming doesn't cover the company encountered technical problems one one, sincerely to the field of experts, professors consult recipe.
This is Fujian province application of photovoltaic industry technology innovation strategic alliance since the establishment of the third working conference, as well as second and docking work in Colleges and universities. Docking meeting, reporter notes, heat problem, light distribution and power life becomes the topic of photoelectric enterprise. Ted photoelectric technology personnel introduces, at present LED light bead in the light of only 15%-25% of the electric energy is converted into visible light, 75%-85% calorie needs through physical heat conduction, heat has plagued the industry hard. In addition, the general life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for only 4000 hours and 5000 hours, DVD to ipod dab6d25ck can not meet the requirements of LED lighting 100000 hours of life, not life matching with LED chip.
" We 60 watt lamps have been exported to the world more than 30 countries and regions, but with a light weight up to 10 kg, which not only has high manufacturing cost, but also increase the cost of transportation, is there any way to alleviate some weight, or even a kilo? " While Pan Yiming holds real, while open to the presence of the expert advice, hoping to find the good plan, in order to the 60 watt LED street lamp " weight loss ". The same spring lighting, photoelectric, Xingan, Austria Czech Hardware, Philip harmonious photoelectric photoelectric, Gaoke, Hualian and dozens of union vice director unit also brought their problems, one one please experts " feel pulse ".
" The recent plastic radiator caused the attention of industry. It has good heat conducting performance materials are usually good conductive performance of the material, in turn, poor electric conduction performance of plastic, its thermal performance is poor. This is inevitable. So obviously metal than plastic thermal conductivity. It is also so. Then, is it right? Plastic can't be used as a heat sink? Not so! " In view of the enterprise can be made by a plastic casing as LED bulb lamp radiator, experts confirmed that, dvd to iphone in addition to any radiator, can quickly transfer heat from the heat source to the heat conduction surface, finally also rely on convection and radiation of the heat to the air. High heat conductivity coefficient, the only solution to the rapid heat transfer problems, while the cooling is mainly composed of radiating area, shape, natural convection and radiation heat capacity and heat conductivity of the material, these almost. So as long as there is a certain heat conduction capability, plastic radiator can still be good radiator! The experts also pointed out, plastic radiator only disadvantage is the price expensive, so it is not suitable for this kind of large LED LED lamp radiator, and is only suitable for indoor small power LED lamp.
This is a photo of circles and theory circles the docking assembly, but also a learning and teaching and classroom. The whole site docking enterprise atmosphere is enthusiastic, hungry for knowledge, expert " an antidote against the disease ". It is understood, around the various enterprises reflect the dilemma, the Secretariat of the League also conducted separately arranged, the online ups power and according to various experts specialty distribution and one on one hand " ". After the meeting, Fujian province application of photovoltaic industry technology innovation strategic alliance also warmly invited Xiamen University physics and electrical engineering academy leadership as the vice chairman of union, each other readily agreed.