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The off season gold accessories price decline part will re-enter 400 Yuan below to continue along with the near future international gold rate to recede, this city gold accessories' retail price will also have a call-back.

the recent gold rate continues to decline, like old temple gold, old phoenix auspicious (600612, stock) and so on brand golden accessories retail prices from May's 400 Yuan/gram drops to 390 Yuan/grams, but Zhou Dafu, brand and so on Zhou Shengsheng golden accessories prices are 401 Yuan/grams, although the price compares most recent on several slightly to have the rise, but compares with the May peak's time 419 Yuan/grams, decline range nearly 5%. , because 78 months are the traditional off seasons,discount fashion jewellery the golden accessories price's decline has not aroused consumer's purchase enthusiasm.

the investor to Greece debt crisis question's optimistic view influence, the international gold price breaks 1500 US dollars/ounces, the gold accessories' retail price has also exhausted oneself in this once more “the diving”, thousand pure gold accessories have dropped to each gram 390 Yuan from mid-June's each gram 414 Yuan. Reporter visited the local gold accessories to sell the field discovery yesterday, thousand pure gold retail prices and mid-June highest order compared, in one month the decline range has achieved 6.76%, but the buy-back resident were still very few, bought up the investment gold bar and the gold coin resident was still increasing, 50 gram small specification gold bars were also at are out of stock the condition.

the gold ornament price fell 1 Yuan every day equally yesterday, reporter visits Zhou Dafu, the gold supremely and so on brand gold sale counters to find that thousand pure gold accessories price dropped to 399 Yuan/grams after June 26, the short 9 day of golden accessories price fell 9 Yuan. “thousand pure gold one day of price, a half month was falling recently, has fallen about every day equally one Yuan.”The Zhou Dafu counter sales personnels introduced that at the beginning of April gold jewelry each gram most surges upward to 419 Yuan, in mid-June pure gold accessories price each gram still paused in 411 Yuan, starts from mid-June, the gold ornament price starts to go down hill.

the reason which falls regarding the gold price, Shanghai silver international analyst Tan Fei believed that is relaxed, the euro Greece debt crisis to be strong as well as the international crude price weak trend anticipated, in addition the domestic stock market will present the strong trend bounce in the near future, all quarters fund gradually will possibly flow in the stock and the fund market,golden south sea pearl will therefore put into gold market the store of value fund to meet the relative reduction, therefore the short-term gold price will possibly have the downward adjustment tendency.

the resident fried the gold warmly still to surge upward the gold price to present the fluctuation freely, but the investor did not have, therefore gave up frying the gold. Reporter the Chinese Gold coin Company which serves under somebody's banner from the People's Bank found that 50 gram specification's small gold bars still fell short of demand at present, are at are out of stock the condition. Because favors the quotation, comes the buy-back the resident are very few.

at the same time , “forms a party the 90th anniversary commemorative coin” to distribute 20 day of sale price to rise 10 times the influence which soars with a Beijing Olympic Games commemorative coin price group, the money collects starts to raise hotly the high tide.Pearl Jewelry Regarding this, the bank financing expert reminds, the Olympic Games commemorative coin's collection value must be higher than the value of each contribution, suitable to have the connoisseurship ability collector, the resident may not blindly with the wind.

Comparatively, investment gold bar more suitable populace investor. regarding the gold price later period the trend, Tan Fei analyzes believed that although the short-term Greece debt crisis will alleviate has suppressed the gold price rise tendency, but the present global bloating and to the American economic resurgence's confidence flaw, will still impel the gold rate to continue to rise. Although every year's June to August is the gold expense off season, but to greet the busy season which in October starts, the gold accessories manufacturer will buy up raw material from September, therefore the short-term investor will have the opportunity which will meet buys up lowly.