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Message creation database, implementation electronic commerce   Establishment company complete information database, internal, foreign. Internal, in company achieving maximum limit to information resource use and sharing, carries on to the information preservation, the search, the examination, again using and so on; Foreign, lets the customer as far as possible many understanding company nature and the service characteristic, carries on the classification the information, is advantageous for the customer search and the examination.

Moreover, visitor through website understanding company's material, if has the subscription intention, may the online submission material order form,hong kong attractions  the superintendent be possible to act according to the condition examination, the retrieval, the management order form, and feeds back to the marketing department, prompt has the contact with the making order form's customer, realizes the simple electronic commerce. Realizes the network sale directly

  Not only the good enterprise website to enterprise's image is a good propaganda, simultaneously may assist enterprise's sale, even may realize the product sale through the network direct help enterprise. The network marketing basically has realized on-line information issue, on-line ordering, on-line settlement, even on-line allocation network marketing activity. Promoted the enterprise and the customer directly meets directly, the consumer may from-line collect directly directly to the real first market information, simultaneously may also carry on analyzes in every way, which enterprise is we need. Has both brought the direct economic interest for the round turns.

First generation of website construction technology   Using the general homepage manufacture software, transforms some plane page effect the homepage, then links the homepage becomes an enterprise website. Enterprise website which manufactures using “the first generation of website construction technology”, because renews as well as revises the website content to need the specialists, maintains troublesome,Hong Kong seo pr the website revises as well as increases the homepage to the defray expenses, causes the enterprise not to renew its website content frequently, lost has constructed the website the significance; Simultaneously because pure static page not interactive, enables the customer very good to communicate with the enterprise. Second generation of website construction technology

  Is refers to the first generation of website construction technology base, uses some data bank administration module in view of website some function (for example news issue, product issue and so on), the website backstage carries on the management to these individual functional module. Enterprise website which manufactures using “the second generation of website construction technology”,

to a certain extent got rid of the first generation of website construction technology in the website content renewal difficulty shortcoming, suits is frequent regarding the website daily renewal maintenance, has the unique need Major industry website to the website various functional module, but because needs to carry on to enterprise's different station construction demand has custom-made the development, therefore the price is also generally high, generally the small and medium-sized enterprise withstands with difficulty.