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Be confused in mind

I came to a stream, clear sound of water slide, like dreams, so true, carefree ground. Take off their shoes, put both legs into the cold water, not comfortable, safe, this feeling comes from within, without a license. By the faint light, looked at the stream of grass, full of the smell of spring. Spring has gone, is your heart is in trouble. To the eye to listen, feel the natural flavor, good thorough. Fantasy himself in an unmanned circumstances, with bare feet running around, even in the absence of light, not the end. Like a walk in the world feel, don't live long," flashes, bright. Walk walk to throw, surrounded by empty and nothing lost, may not exist. The dark corner like a little girl, squatting on the ground, head and hands on knees, seemed to cry. Dare not walk to disturb her, the fibrillation and stood there, I can not control myself, straight people feel suffocated. It woke me, afraid, overcast deep well. Still the stream and changeless land plants, or the black as night. Carry your own shoes, cold feet to step on this piece of green, systemic is screaming. Stood up to leave, want to go back to my place, where I always miss.

The entire high-rise stands there, as if standing on the top can touch the white moonlight. The teaching building is in a dark, no GetWord reading sound, no noisy playing sound, there was no one there, only I in a lazy attitude watch it all. To go back to the classroom, the old desk is also engraved with a familiar name, nothing changes. Sitting in the old wooden chair, lie on the desk, enjoy a quiet moment, trying to find the feeling of youth. Don't know what time, the mouth feel bitter. It is the tears of the blend, finally could not resist burst out into a flood of tears, far came next echo, as in someone on the classroom. Long time no such feeling, did not know is good or bad, I like that mountain?? love yourself, than something suppresses in the heart pain. Leave the classroom, slowly around the entire building, to turn all the lights lit, light let me have regained feeling, enjoy in this. When the light shines the entire floor, look at this masterpiece of desolate, no one. Your heart can bear the oppressive atmosphere, not by heart came to mind, feelings settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Hide his feelings, suddenly run run, mission. I want to leave this place, leave this desolate place, it will only bring more unhappy, I just want to be happy.

I ran a long, be tired. Find a clean place, sit on the ground, face with fear. This is an uninhabited land, as if this society is belong to me, I began to fear, panic. Finally, by their own wake up scared, so this is all just a dream.