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blissful silence

Time slipped fingers quiet , blissful silence , has been for several years .
Quiet life is so calm , tepid , and do not know whether anyone else remember us . Since the year after graduation , everyone is busy pursuing their own course . How to meet the day no treasure , real farewell , leaving only some love to read it. That afternoon , a lot of people crying.
We embark on a different train back to the original place where we belong , but still clearly remember , the station that constantly rushing crowd leaves, people familiar slowly receded, but the strange figure gradually hit. He could not feel, four years of college , a short old days .

And now, looking at the signs of aging face is polished , watching the vines planted that year graduate has deep-rooted , Misty Rongrong , unconsciously , sorry youth. Think once , under the lights on campus , obsessed with the memory of that period . Just okay, to me , sounds or the voices of people or that person .
Just look forward to the beginning, finally got the love of people spend a lifetime . Although not able to be admitted to the graduate school dream , but it can also be a 211 graduate school , are also considered to live up to their original pay. And the more pleased that I should be after a year , she also admitted to the efforts of the school where I was . When I was at the school gate to usher her at that moment, I can not remember how I kind of cried. Like a child or, like a madman worth mentioning. Old days , often think , people are always moved to tears the old days . Today , that section of the precious impression is no longer just our youth , but a man was the talk of gossip , but children do not sleep well when the fairy tale , but a dream often occurs . 香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件召回
I now live in the vicinity of the cell , but also a university. After completing a busy day of work at home , the sun still floating in the air. Put on a relaxed sportswear, with his wife , children, in the quiet campus aimlessly wandering , leaving his face pale red sun slowly eliminated ; or wearing basketball uniforms, football uniforms and younger students they together athletics ; or participate in the activities of a particular community , students enjoy a unique Enron ease. These are the original dream of the life of the bar ! If it was no holding the desperate attitude , and now I would lie? There might like some of my classmates did , four years have been busy looking for work is not over , ah, countless resumes cast the result was depressed to return to their home town to become a fully-fledged working people .
That day is already a party after eight years. Unfortunately, did not see all the students want to see , though, a few good friends came. At that moment the mood again , as the former is not , of course, there are those who recall memories of the process , still people can not help supplement chipped giggle. In addition, no longer has the kind of equality , a little simple concept . Little people have been unable to have a successful resistance to their hearts by the sense of accomplishment , chatter . Unsuccessful people can only Peizhuoxiaolian name , do awkward shape. It is unwilling to endure , so the whole party so broke up . In the hotel the moment, I do not know next year which will meet again , will it? Inexplicable fear .
If we had no one to fight once again , no matter how. Perhaps as no family background, no background of rural children has long been a reality I might beat time in the rolling river, no matter how many years , there will come the courage to meet with old friends . Acquaintance easy, not difficult phase , spend is not easy, knowing each other slowly. Time is like a Shazhu Dao , a friend in our understanding about the moment , you have to choose to leave forever , gradually obliterate all memory formation , people regret and loss.
Or do not go pity. Unfortunately, the more the more sad.香港牛栏奶粉2013最新事件-召回速度惊人