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LED display ( LED panel ): LED light emitting is diode, led the English acronym, abbreviation LED. It is a by controlling the semiconductor light emitting diode display mode, its general appearance is by many is usually red LEDs, by bright lights out to display characters. Used to display text, graphics, images, animation, video, video signal, prices and other information display screen.

LED and LED display

LED luminous color and luminous efficiency and production of LED materials and technology, is currently widely used are red, green, blue three. Because LED display LED Lighting modulelow working voltage (1.5-3V only), can take the initiative to light and a certain brightness, brightness and voltage ( or current ) regulation, and impact resistance, vibration resistance, long life (100000 hours), so in a large display device, there is no other display and LED display mode match.

The red and green LED put together as a pixel making screen call double color screen and color screen; red, green, blue three LED put together as a pixel screen call color screen or a full color. The production of indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 2-10mm, often use several can produce different color LED tube core is encapsulated into a whole, outdoor LED screen pixel size for12-26 mm, each pixel consists of a number of various monochrome LED composition, common product called pixel cylinder, double color pixel cylinder consists of 3red2green composition, three-color pixel cylinder with2Red 1green 1blue.

Both produced by LED monochrome, two-color or color screen, to display image needs to form a pixel of each LED luminance must be adjusted, the adjustment precision is level grayscale display. Gray level is higher, the displayed image is more exquisite, color is more rich, the corresponding display control system is also more complex. General256 gray-scale image, color transition is very gentle,Bluetooth keyboard device and16 gray color image, color transition boundary is very obvious. Therefore, color LED screen current are required to make256 gray-scale.

Applied to the display of LED luminescent material has the following form:

LED lamp ( or single lamp ) generally by a single LED chip, a reflecting bowl, a metal anode, metal cathode, outsourcing has a transparent epoxy resin shell condenser capacity. Available to one or more ( different colors ) single lamp constitute a fundamental pixel, due to high brightness, used for outdoor display screen.

The LED lattice module consists of a plurality of wafers which led matrix, using epoxy resin encapsulated in a plastic shell. For ranks scanning drive, easy to form high density display, used for indoor display.

The patch type LED lamp ( or SMD LED ) is LED flash welding forms of packaging, can be used for indoor full color display, can achieve a single point of maintenance, effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.