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The size of the hotel
  The hotel covers an area of, and the hotel kitchen area, cook cooking number number, number, adjustable dish
  The size of the hotel planning content

Mainly include:
  The hotel investment scale. Include: hotel image, specifications, grade with the" Star" of the setting; hotel investment (including capital cost and time cost ) to determine; hotel tourist market consumption standard assessment.
  The hotel construction scale. hong kong restaurants  The hotel includes: the total area of land identified; Hotels with a total construction area of the set; hotel building shape, volume, postural vision.

There is a" tailored" rule: the scale of investment and construction by market assessment, scaled by the investment scale.
  The size of the hotel location

Into the overall scale and scale of two content:
  The overall carpet cleaning scale was positioned on the hotel construction total dimensions and total building area is determined. Generally speaking, the hotel in the investment at the beginning of construction, will first consider four questions: the hotel properties; project; investment scale.

And the last problem is concluded in the first 3 issues has been completely identified under the premise can be generated.
  Hotel overall scale positioning must take the market as the goal, to invest for the foundation, careful assessment, objective judgment, cogent" tailor", cannot blind and excessive, wishful thinking. Put an end to " root cause", that is the initial size of positioning error. The original disease. Once in the hotel in the body to produce life, 狗舍 will hinder the benign operation of rage, hotel, and later again big business service efforts can not save.

The functional scale was positioned on the overall size of the refinement. Must clear each different function scale, area and the correlation between the proportion and operation relations. All hotel management function, service function and logistics, equipment,hong kong stores transportation and other functional space and site are the most accurate and final determination.

For example: the hotel room occupancy area ratio is based on the hotel's rank, nature and adjustment, general room area occupancy Hotels with a total construction area of the majority of the. However, high-grade hotels often public management area is relatively large, room area occupancy rate will be reduced. The Econo Hotel is just the opposite.

The Shanghai Hotel 2005 statistics as an example:
  Econo Hotel room area of the total area ratio of 80%;
  Hierarchy of hotel guest hfed room area of the total area ratio of 77%;

  High grade hotel room area of the total area ratio of 71%.
  This room ratio relationship of the hotel investors almost no risk, not only have good prospects of gain, and the high rate of return.

Thus, hotel rooms is the investment return of the cornerstone, even large meeting, entertainment, holiday hotel is no exception. Unfortunately,hong kong clubs  we have repeatedly encountered some investment in the hotel owners only hope hotel luxury, style, hope to four or five star standards, so there will be" big car Mara" phenomenon.

Such as: a total construction area of 35000 square meters of the hotel was only less than 200 rooms, according to high grade rooms each average occupied area of 50 square meters ( not including the guest room pool area ) to calculate, room area is less than 30%. This is very wrong, will give the hotel brings fatal injuries. In fact, no matter what the city and region, or whether the assets of the hotel later how to assess or exchange, as long as the room area of the construction area of share of less than 30%, from the first day, the hotel owners are on the inevitable loss of the" point of no return", it is difficult garge to avoid the tragedy ending.

It in economically developed large and medium-sized city, three or four Stars Hotel" function scale" is also worth exploring. Here is a simple formula, namely : guest room: public area: equipment logistics transportation area = 2 : 1: 1. Although not absolutely, but of great reference value, but also has the " detection", can use this formula to test the rationality and optimization degree scale.
  Of course, city economic conditions, market analysis, geographical factors, investment also is the indispensable condition, need to plan first and consideration.

The proposed investment hotel owners, construction investment and operation cost is low, small scale, and the rate of return is the highest" economy type hotel". Room number in the 80 - 120 range, to occupy more than a total construction area of 80% area ratio: the hotel is located only a vestibule, a cafeteria, a set of necessary equipment and office space.家居清潔

Hotel self range of total construction area of 5000 square meters on the foot also. Of course, this hotel must be located in the city is flourishing area, periphery has a lot of social catering, entertainment, leisure and service establishments; design especially should have one's own knack in; supporting mechanical and electrical equipment must also follow the most economic, practical principles; but also to short construction period, convenient use, fed less staff raise open, low running cost, social service matching rate is high this several principles, ensure" who invest benefit".

The size of the hotel 's location is principle, and flexibility; both absolute and relative. The hotel scale problems, judging and evaluating the hotel planner is the earliest and one of the most important jobs.