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Can't go to the place

It is a year spring water, it is a year in all. Flowers open everywhere and people, leaving no drunk. In the land of a thousand feet million in question, a ditch. March love, April. To ask you, who involved in water. Can't remember from what time, like travel. Regardless of distance, to reach the place to look inside, there is always a joy. Like three two were extremely lonely, hate. Just afraid of loneliness, fear swept his xing.The silent night, dim the lights, waiting alone in nobody 's corner, through the moonlight, looks into the distance. The distance that person, you now fortunately? Often touch feeling in love, always act so be overcome by one's feelings ... ...Memory unabashedly jumps to the year September, I dragged a heavy pack to a strange place, then the sky was gloomy, weather is wet, always feel that this is a parting of the season. But God and I started a joke, let me meet you. I said to you," you are my life the most beautiful scenery".And you said to me," since I was young?? time negative light, those beautiful pictures sewn into a beautiful stage, background, have dialoguesDancing in the Wind.

 And I like the self directed, in the import, but never come.By the autumn begins, ends in spring. It sounds like a joke. But you have not, and don't see your familiar shadow, never again to hear the familiar voice. Always think, this is a ridiculous ending, like Shakespeare's tragedy world, male and female always end up back together!Only a short while ago, how could I be so sad, blooming in my eyes become more than60pale. I also like a dreamer, who personally create dreams, have now become be reduced to fragments. I seem to be a dictator, making all this, and eventually destroy them I have described himself, laughing and laughing, they cried perhaps, I never met the second youSilver bracelet.

 But I believe, one day we will meet again. Perhaps, it will be many years later; perhaps, it will be in far far away I will thank God, let me in the most beautiful years met you. I don't care, take time, mess your life; I don't care, for you, the world we have a rebellious age, we have not so much. That experience, that the past, we are each other the unbearable lightness of being, and cherish! Wanted to come unto you, have a look of the city, that you have been living in the city. In my eyes, if you do not, that is a ghost town, no human habitation. But, if I do not go to your heart, even, still very far ... ... Like a never reach.Say quzhongrensan, sad people understand. But, I use it for a long time to choose. Very painful, but still at a loss to allow this pain spreading oneself today, indifferent. Wandering, wandering off, eventually dull nature. In fact, I want to thank you, because of you, my world was once beautiful, but now, I have some precious memories, will accompany me through life. You are my most beautiful years, one of the most gorgeous pen I don't know, I was pregnant with what mood to write this text, is easily? Is it? Is a feeling? Or sadwishgo?