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Taste of life


What is life? The dictionary says: " life is a human survival and life experience "; the Americans said: " life is people dream of and interest in order to start the show "; the French Pascal once pointed out: " the essence of life lies in the movement, quiet is death "; also some people think that: " life is a person life and life process, it is the objective of the survival and development, relates to the people's work, study, love, friendship, extensive areas of life, including the joy and pain, happiness and sadness, darkness and light, smooth and twists and turns, friendly and hostile, the beautiful and ugly, abundant and concrete content " teco brushless dc motor.

Then how to understand our life? You have your point of view? We need self summary. I think life is like a flower, like a river. Flowers always bloom time, but always after bright blossom withered, withered, the river twists and turns, sometimes gentle, sometimes Whitewater, but always flow to the end. But who can deny the flower aroma once, once the beautiful flowers? But who can deny that the river was running, a roar? Life is the climax will have the trough.

If our life is barren Gobi, wind and sand, wind roar, starving people fill the land. That is to enjoy, " desert straight down the long river of the yen, " the magnificent scene. If our life is top of the snow, the snow thousands of feet, lonely nobody, just to enjoy the " would be extremely Ling, list of small hills, " extremely scenery

The impermanence of life, often Youchao tides, everyone has to bear all the suffering of their own, only through the mind desert, thorns, through the storms of life and life in the long darkness, holding the ego ideal be tired out, strain every nerve ran ran forward, face the cold reality of repressed as, heart pain, pain and crying, holding thin but tough stubborn, took out the piercing of the strong, only know how to cherish life and the people you love. Go to the good and noble and moved, feel the care, love, in the life of the tiny drop of tears, and tears, regardless of whether the eventual glorious peak, or sink low, are you to dream, dream of the glory days, this is the glorious dream, is to prove that the one and only can not clone life the.

I love this life, even the life of suffering, always let the life become rich and profound connotation, shrewd and. Given the " fate has no intention of leisure, see pretrial blossom, unmoved either by gain or loss, watching the sky Yunjuanyunshu " broad calmly.

I love this life, naked by the burning sun backbone and by years of bleaching barefoot, those feelings with the peak, valley, gully, convex, indentation trace. In every inch of land use my hot plasma writing sincerity and generosity, every drop of blood, into the land into raging fire burning. Life is good is good, but adversity and don't be too angry, life not because of adversity and blame God unfair, it is hard to find bole, star-crossed lovers, not demanding life be contrite and reform oneself, then, more magnanimous, thousands of miles Kuaizai clear and magnanimous, to enjoy everything in life happiness and endure everything unfortunately, as long as the love of their own life, even if the pain, sorrow, will be in your soul, the spirit of the marrow out of gorgeous flowers, from exotic fragrance, everywhere. Flowers may grow in Gobi cliff; may grow in the forest birds spend Xiangcong; may grow in the willowy greenhouse, but whether the growth in where, if you have a beautiful, smelling aroma, it is like, like. As growth in the snow lotus, as precious, people will have to find a like go through untold hardships; growth in the flowers of the rose, beautiful legends make you become a symbol of love. We are the same, if you have good quality, even if you grow in that no human habitation of the island, there is no need to cry. Is the gold will shine. Even if no light is not to be discouraged, efforts may not be successful, but not efforts cannot succeed. Efforts may not succeed, but not struggle will be doomed to mediocrity teco dc motor speed control.

Our life to the one and only, short and precious flower. The flowers withered won't bloom, and our life will not have second times, because the only, so precious, so we want to know how to cherish. Do something useful in the limited life, at least, is beneficial to you without the loss of others, so that we will not regret because of shame to waste one's life. We should also remember that the ancient teachings: " time is money, time is money. " This should not only be bold and Zhuang us, should be our guide to action. Don't be talkers, little doers. Live, learn!

The only way to have a meaningful life. Muddle along without any aim eighty years rather than twenty years with vigour and vitality. Each thing you do, are you the bloom of life, people blew proof proof, proof of human nature. Once had such a story: there is a rainbow after the rain to see the arc of the bridge, said to her: " I am the earth 's sister, your life can last more than me. " Stone replied: " how? You are so beautiful, in the memory of people are eternal. "

Yes, Ishihashi Ya did not have the beautiful rainbow, but its long firmly stand on both sides of the Straits, silently to communicate with each other, work silently for the people, this is the value of life; life is not permanent rainbow bridge, but its moments of beauty but give people leave permanent memory. Life is a pencil, you do not see long and short, and see if you can write beautiful life. Even if the life of different lengths, we have to seek the value of life.

Our life is like flowers, colorful, like a river winding, everyday we do every thing, experienced by every test, it has enriched our lives. Wish our life beautiful like flower, rich, happy like flower. Wish our life like a river, the Pentium roar, figure.



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