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that is the eternal theme of life

The day before Christmas, the blessings of friends early in the morning will come. That beat the cubs, brought deep thoughts. No one will care about the weight of the gift; no reality and imaginary people care about gifts, cyberspace and the real world arranged in a crisscross pattern! Passionate mood gently in the warm current ripples, feel the temperature affection friendship, soft. Cold dull day, suddenly blowing into a gentle breeze, really exciting! Christmas Eve, the soaked in warm cake, the delicious chicken, the symbol of peace and happiness of apple, are set off the thick festive atmosphere! In this warm night, remember when young, excitedly went to the church to appreciate the choir performances. The beautiful piano music and songs, always linger in my mind, remember! In the holy atmosphere, the soul to be sublimated! I'm an atheist, but love to explore various religious culture, a taste of the secret, absorb the essence. The high realm, pattern, treat the worldly troubles, will naturally have a detached attitude. In fact, the most difficult to conquer it is their. Peace and joy, that is the eternal theme of life! Christmas Eve is the day special, or friends daughter's birthday. As the saying goes, children's birthday, is often the mother's suffering. So, she is a special friend of mother and daughter of the most memorable days! If the written words of a poem, so it is the greatest, the most painful, a moving song poetry is the most happy; is wonderful melody, agitation, modern classical alternating a lovely poem! I am twice as homesick on this day. Enjoy the Stewed Assorted Delicacies made to friends, in addition to a silent prayer, blessing, thick missing is across the other side of the ocean! Overlapping birthday and holiday, often having wonderful fantasy! If the integration of traditional and Western Chinese birthday holiday the way, what is the effect? I don't know, Eastern and Western elements together, will produce what kind of chemical reaction; but I know, no matter what kind of combination, will be very lively jubilation! Because it comes from home and loved ones of the blessing is without stop! And from the same blood song of life, more enduring!


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