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Old Cao son didn't he a little advantage, buck teeth, big face, beard, and body fat.
Locomotive depot colleagues met their father and son two at a time on the road will say a word is "old Cao ah, you son of the weight loss." Old Cao bow to touch his son's head, honest to people laugh, heart not the taste. Think that year old Cao in locomotive depot but casual and elegant bearing handsome driver, the maintenance period woman without being old Cao Junlang looks to capture. Then an attendant began to spread out enthusiastic pursuit of old Cao, Cao is prosperous, once outside the station a few days rest in the dormitory, the woman suddenly rushed into the old Cao dormitories, old Cao drunk it was half asleep, dormitory he alone open your eyes, he saw a woman sitting in front of the bed, in the eyes of tenderness, when spring deep, heart felt a throbbing, alcohol has a sultry feeling welled up in the hot, he's not in restrain their impulses, the attendant on his bed. Old Cao son because of a hangover old Cao came into the world, come to old Cao's side, as the child is born at the same time the woman be right and proper to become his daughter-in-law, be rather baffling old Cao's youthful good looks to be a "father" of the title of the imprisonment, the original romantic he convergence together, this collection is twenty years.Headphone Amp Is Incredible In Electronic DevicesOld Cao daughter-in-law was first saw the old Cao can not control fell in love with him, said to feign, until many years old Cao and her bed had inadvertently talk about had two people a strange combination of circumstances of marriage his daughter-in-law also boast without shame and said "I really was the first phase of you, but I don't think and you married children." Old Cao heard angrily said "that what were you ran into my room, sitting on my bed with me, you fucking sick." His wife has become a very domineering princess in marriage, despite her husband not as bad, but for old Cao discipline like old Cao's father to his children, two words wrong on the hand, just like the old Cao after his angrily scold export trade a not too loud slap in the face. His daughter-in-law, hold about and give oneself airs in front of the old Cao son with performance of the most incisive.Old Cao nemesis Lao Zhang is a chef depot canteen, the two are young is a class in the army, old Cao is the monitor, Lao Zhang is vice monitor. Each class to obtain what major tasks or recognition is to monitor as the representative majestic-looking to, a row of soldiers and the rest are unknown to the public. Usually do to bear hardship without complaint, the key moment or monitor the old Cao scenery, come very naturally have a few soldiers psychological imbalance, but nobody did not say it, but as the vice class I stood out, several times because some trifles and old Cao shout abuse, the relationship China FDI between two people has always been not harmonious, the atmosphere in the class because of the conflict the two leaders is condensed, everybody cannot mention the spirit, every day in training to meet up, old Cao looked at class warrior spirit because Lao Zhang intentionally provocative and became so upset, heart with anger. Finally in a duel, he take lessons from Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang know old Cao in the communique, during which several teeth to the old Cao over, did not succeed, after all, old Cao body strong, strong as a bull. Lao Zhang though than old Cao high a lot but essential to old Cao attack can not resist, had to be caught. Since the tournament Lao Zhang know old Cao fierce, not deliberately pick things, living and training are to behave, then back 5 after two people at the same time was assigned to the depot, old Cao because of physical condition is good, strong learning ability was divided into driving class, went on the truck driver road, Zhang was assigned to the logistics department, into a cafeteria chef. The two person's life experience and not the same, old Cao in driving class learn gusto, beginning some strange face a lot of theory completely do not understand, then slowly found skills, learn to learn to feel the real way, not a old Cao with excellent test took fire vehicle qualification certificate, as a co pilot. A day of work at the train head, from a fixed rail. I was in the canteen chef career began, when just what he will not, even the most simple pick vegetables should be taught, day by day he felt to be in a room full of smoke so wasted, he felt he was not poor than the old Cao, but no people who know him. Recall the fight both with open and secret means and old Cao infighting in the army, to think about their own situation, will have to admit that the old Cao won, he thought back 5 to mix in the society the imposing man pressed the old Cao, who knows to leave the army and his situation more bad, Mr. Zhang is in many years ago a child he heard adults said the cook is the most common live, grow up even to beg don't when a people cook cook. The wasted years, people get good luck. For a lifetime in the established rules in walking, Lao Zhang is always better than old Cao go hard, go of anger.Embroidery origin


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