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like when your spouse gets

The last concept I want to deal with is the roof of the house and how that applies to your marriage. What is the roof? In a home it is the ceiling that prevents the elements from outside (rain, snow, etc) from getting into the house. It also keeps what is in the house from escaping from the roof ( like when your spouse gets on your nerves so much it makes you want to climb the walls and jump over the roof).

The roof in the marriage represents the authority in the home that both the husband and wife respects so that they will listen. If a man and a woman both disagree, how do you resolve the disagreement? Who has the final say so? And at what point should that authority be established? Before, during or after the disagreement has surfaced.

In a marriage the husband and wife have to decide on how they will handle disagreements before they occur. They need to establish who or what will represent the authority in their lives. There are a few ways this can be addressed;

1) The husband has the last word - here the man listens to the wife, takes her advice under consideration and makes what he feels is the best decision for the family.

2) The wife has the last word - here the wife listens to her husband, takes his advice under consideration and makes what she feel is the best decision for the family.

3) The couple refuses to move unless both agree - here the couple stays in a deadlock until they can agree on a direction to move in.

4) Couple addresses a 3rd party to break the tie - couple looks for a source outside of their marriage who they believe cares enough about them to make the best decision.


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