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To mind an export


Chaos day continues, I also reflect on why myself now looks like this. Previous vibrant, former cheerful, open-minded optimism before, before do not know when to be blown disappear in smoke. My heart is very concerned about some things, but the surface is now make nothing of performance, doctoral programs in business did not know that the next step dba1a01ek would be really a contemptuous disregard is it right?. My so-called ambitions were also secular world worn without edges, sometimes really want in life is something to do, don't live to live, this time will be more painful, not pulling out is it right?. Self helpless to change some things, but also in some things changed. Change is his own character, his habits, his ambition, his confidence.

A few days ago, with friend chat, may be a bystander is always clear-minded. Those closely involved cannot see clearly., he points out my chaos. I gave him my own now how tired, how life works, how. I said I was really tired, really do not have time. He said, your tired, just your tired heart, care about a lot of things, high expectations, but some things do. But if from this state to walk out, you still china business study have a lot of time. He said, I also appreciate in my chaotic life can have such a friend 's concern and remind, this friend in today's materialistic society have seen. My a lot of time is used to own much more, expect something in a daze, sigh, why not do a rethink, give yourself a new location, a new start, a new journey. In a word, I was the secular society to trap. All I want to do is see through him, through him, through him, than he.

I am very concerned about friends, that does not require any coxcombical, plus any color. Whether you like it, your anger, your sorrow, your music, he would stand there, a spiritual dialogue. I really care about this heart communication, but also the spiritual communication more that I know myself. I should be in the future, open up their own space, time in his heart to give myself a quiet corner. He told me, life is an individual life, don't try to go after the fascist dictatorship to others, don't try to impose its will on others, accept acceptable, the change can change. Life, to be a teacher is enjoying, mother enjoy, Chinese management program do children enjoy, people also enjoy the real love, is it right? Enjoy, the need to define ourselves to him, to give him off to a good start, to give him a frame, to give him a experience. From this came out, not the passage of time will all become come very naturally, just like it or not, is your own choice.

I think you have the advantage, talent, dig yourself, your spirit is a platform for the release, to their talent to display space, give yourself is to cultivate the stage, do your own! Will you be yourself!



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