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Designers can also self-taught!



Designers can also self-taught!


Designer: Patrick Tam

Article type: Original

Designers can also self-taught!室內設計

Since this industry has been engaged in the designer, I heard many of my friends want to learn design, they worry that too difficult to learn and know what to do. In fact, the teacher can use the words of my junior high school, no matter what to learn, will not exceed the hundred days of work!

interior design

company registration As long as the learning is serious, then grasp a certain way, or want to learn technical skills as it is not a very long time. Like many of our college friends, may have experienced it self-examination, each one subject, from the material to take the exam to get Self, will not exceed three months, one year to test the second field, each can their ability to report on a subject or several subjects with the test, perhaps it makes a lot of people find it difficult, I also find it hard, my Self have not passed, huh, huh. . . . . . However, 

ups Powerthere are a lot of people every year and pass a lot of people also for degrees, ah, at least my teacher told us that if is correct. We can not even test a few months, families, and that we have only one subject in five years time can also be finished ten subjects, from the Self has passed far. To learn other things too, so, self-taught is not a myth, the most important methods and perseverance!

Here the designer's self-learning process for everyone to tell a true story, a junior high school after graduating from design through self-Road to Success, a bit reluctantly, but also a bit lucky:

1, be confident, and the courage else is even trying, so as not to miss the chance;

2, to imitate, in imitation of the process of thinking different from other works, so as to better design the accumulation of material and design thinking;

3, the learning process in two ways:ups systemone is passive learning, which is the story of the female designer, she is passive learning, that is, when encountered in the work need to address the problem, come to learn, this learning The advantage is that memorable,商務中心  but very practical; the other is active learning, that is, the female designers when she felt when standing still, began to organize what is still missing summarized his knowledge, and then targeted to learn the benefits of this approach to learning is a systematic and comprehensive knowledge base for a certain friend used;

Therefore, I believe that if you want to learn design, but also a certain line!