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The government promotes LED illumination product 150,000,000 through the fiscal subsidy way. According to the Department concerned responded: The energy conservation lamp price is too expensive has been the inextricability question. The interior lighting involves everyone, after led illuminates the true popularization, the interior lighting market the outdoor lighting market must be bigger than,LED Tube Light  LED uses in indoor according to the Minter maybe atmosphere exaggeration, had formerly the other any photo source incomparable superiority, but said on the present domestic market, the price was also too high, the most common people could not have expended.

The concrete study possibly is below the factor causes: The core technologies cost is excessively high the led profession's upstream's major part core patent grasps in foreigner's hand, we have not mastered the core technologies, although our LED accounts for 50% using the product manufacturing capacity in the whole world, the share accounts for 50%, but a profit truly lowest link.

The LED chip along with the craft, quantity growth uses the greater size crystal disk production process, unceasing will reduce the cost,HTPC Keyboard  in recent years reduced every year in 20% speeds, in the led chip price factor, must also include the light effect promotion the price to reduce, the similar price has purchased a better product. LED illumination lamps and lanterns' cost mainly in the LED chip, so long as the chip price descends fall, the LED lumen unit price can fall to with the present stage energy conservation lamp quite, the interior lighting springs up everywhere on the nature. The LED chip also greatly has the reduction space.

Radiates the reasonable designed cost The structural design accounts for 20% probably in the lamps and lanterns, since the Chinese industrious people have been able to fix a price are very low, 20% costs think are very reasonable, major is the most problem how has the innovation, the design is more reasonable.

The radiation cost needs to maintain at 5%, radiates the design to be very simple actually, holds on to two directions: First,Android TV Keyboard the LED chip radiates the component way with outside to be shorter is better, is shorter you the radiation design to be better; Second, radiates the resistance, is must have the enough radiation to pass to at the same time the way also to have “the radiation path” enough. This part of costs mainly in the structure, use in radiating the cost not to be many.

The power source cost lags seriously The power source is the led lamps and lanterns weakest link, lags seriously the led lamps and lanterns development, the quality waits for enhancing. Now designs accounts for the lamps and lanterns cost about 20%, is somewhat high. Along with technological development power source probably in 5-10% most reasonable.

The LED cost is high, was actually the relatively present other photo sources, only then invented blue light LED as the 1990s, thus caused the LED profession which the LED white light could realize saying that actually present's cost is not high. Especially the LED environmental protection, the energy conservation, do not contain the mercury, moreover each quarter LED lamps and lanterns' price in toward slides, believed that certainly may achieve the level which in such a short time the people can accept.