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seafood Quejinduanliang


Plastic bags, bamboo and water also calculates the price of seafood  Quejinduanliang

, Yiwu Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the Consumer Protection Commission Joint Quality Supervision Bureau of standards and Metrology Institute, invite some of consumer rights volunteer representatives, to Yiwu city5bean shop consumer experience of the catering industry, some rules should be exposed

Bean shop Quejinduanliang

Cheng Qian rule

Scene one: Seafood shrink 190 yuan

Consumption experience represents the first to Yiwu Beiyuan Street hope road a bean shop, respectively, the price 178 yuan / Jin Dungeness crab one, the price of 238 yuan / Jin East Star spot500 grams, the price of 198 yuan / catty shrimp500 grams, a total amount of 888yuan 

Consumption experience on behalf of an excuse to follow the service personnel to the order to the waiter, and selection and weighing the whole process with professional equipment for the dark film. Wait waiter will say good seafood to the box, law enforcement officers immediately bright bright status, at the same time ask the waiter in the box to witness, qualitative inspect bureau of standards and Metrology Institute staff out of the standard measurement scales, for merchants to provide seafood by weighing.

After weighing, businesses reported1270 grams of Dungeness crab actual gross weight of only 1090grams,1036 grams of weight which the crab, plastic bag weighs 54 grams; businesses reported500 gram east star spot actual gross weight of 432 g, which East Star spot net weight408 grams, the plastic bag is heavy 24 grams; businesses reported500 grams heavy shrimp actual gross weight is 402 grams,340 grams net which shrimp, bamboo weighs 62 grams. Three types of seafood actual value 698 yuan, down 190yuan 

Scene two: Seafood shrink 275 yuan

Located in Yiwu, on a bean shop, businesses reported weight of 1150 g of lobster, by weighing after actual net weight1022 grams; businesses reported1050 grams heavy snow crab, the actual weight of 835grams; businesses reported500 gram deep-water shrimp, the actual weight of 400 g; the250 grams of chicken kidney actual weight is 184 grams. These food businesses in general offer for 1551 yuan, by weighting calculation after the actual price of 1276 yuan, down 275yuan.

Experience team then visited the streets Beiyuan Chunhua road in a hot pot shop, Pui Village two bean shop. Business offer seafood after weighing, fell80 yuan,14 yuan,34 yuan. Yiwu City Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers immediately bright bright status, and in the store staff to witness weighing made on-site records