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development process


 LED is by the complete seal inside the epoxy resin, it is firmer than the light bulb and the fluorescent tube. Lamp in vivo also does not have the loose part,LED lights manufacturer  these characteristics caused LED to be possible saying that was not easy to damage.   High energy conservation:

The energy conservation energy does not have the pollution is an environmental protection. Direct-current actuation, ultra low power loss (single-valve 0.03-0.06 tile) electric light power conversion close 100%, the same illuminating effect conserves energy above 80% compared to the traditional photo source.

  The life is long: LED photo source some people said that it is the longevity lamp, Italy for the lamp which never extinguishes. The solid cold light source, the epoxy resin seal, lamp in vivo also does not have the loose part, does not have the filament to shine Yi Shao, the hot deposition, the light to fade and so on shortcomings, the service life may reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours,dvb t tuners  compared to traditional photo source life long 10 times above.

  Fluctuates: The LED photo source may use red, green, the blue three primary color principle, causes three kind of colors under the computer technology control to have 256 levels of gradations and to mix willfully, then has 256×256×256=16777216 a kind of color, forms the different light color the combination to be changeable, realizes the richly colorful dynamic change effect and each kind of image.

  Favorable environmental protection: The environmental protection benefit is better, in the spectrum does not have the ultraviolet ray and infrared, also does not have the quantity of heat, also does not have the radiation, dazzles is small, moreover the reject may recycle, does not have the pollution not including the mercury element, the cold light source, may touch safely, belongs to the model green lighting source.

  Gao Xinjian:dvb t mpeg4  Compares with the traditional photo source monotonous illumination effect, the LED photo source was the low pressure micro electron product, the success fused the computer technology, the network service technology, the imagery processing technology, the embedded control technology and so on, therefore was also the digital informationization product, was the semiconductor photoelectric apparatus “Gao Xinjian” the technology, had the online programming, infinite promotion, flexible characteristic.

Bright project   The LED city bright project is called the urban honored project, is refers to beautify the urban environment, enhances urban the overall image, but to the market, the tourist scenic zone, street's stream of people quantity many places carries on the light brightly. led bright project architectural design and material object (18) LED city bright project development process

  Our country has since the ancient times views the lanterns enjoys the scenery the custom, the Lantern Festival is held views the lanterns the assembly, at the meeting is hanging all kinds of colored lantern, brilliantly illuminated. The people also will be now able not help at the festival, the jubilation date, will be decorated with lanterns and colored streamers to express the joyful sentiment. The lamp culture is in the peaceful country and safe people environment, after people material life improvement,dvb-t receivers to energetic cultural life higher request demonstration.  
      Looks back on urban and the building development historic course, we may see the light technology and the light culture clearly with urban and the building synchronization development advance trail, also saw the natural lighting illumination the technology advancement has had the how vital role to urban and the building appearance and the modern city life.

  Had the running water even enhancement along with the economical development and the human, our country city night scene illumination enterprise obtained the rapid development in the short more than ten years, and has made the magnificent progress.