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Distant and simple days


The most distant dream, the most simple lifeHTC One
Especially in the windy day, and encouraged, hair, is the most straight people to leave they read, ideal and so on various, disregard all purely for leave and travel sardines?.
When the sky is high, the cloud hovering over the window Yiyi, pigeons, clear the layers of leaves burnish transparent bright eyes, like suddenly clear a lot.
Stray, travel, will become the era the dream of many people, perhaps because of the cruel reality, so to escape; perhaps because of her beautiful and short-lived Sahara love and born yearning heart; or is it really take it as a meaningful work to complete, in order to pursue a free peaceful heart. Maybe everyone has his own intention, but at least proved that we are still young, still have a lot of dreams.
Maybe this is the essence of vagrancy and travel, the original feeling .辦公室傢俱

I always want to pursue an to Jane's life pattern, not be berries, not to return to the original society. Just for example, just a little, like one thing, and to do it, love a person, then try to treat her nicely, sleepy, sleep, tired, can sit on the ground, want to go hiking, so light embark on the journey .
Plain and simple life, and may have more space to the most distant dream, then it can go to achieve,
Once for us the most important, the most brilliant about travel and wandering dreamfacial honey sugar mask.
No country, not far awayNokia Lumia

The so-called wandering, the travel, to the flight of a bird, to a mountain stream, to the vast grassland
For the simple life in the most distant dream.
For, love 婚姻介紹所.