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Drink Coke every day to eliminate bezoar

38 year old Zhao Xiaojun (not his real name) like to eat persimmons, two months ago, his stomach to Pu-Jen hospital, diagnosed with Gastric bezoars, stomach stones about the size of 3 cm × cm.Admissions directions out to tell patients, his stomach stones can be used at home and abroad Access segmentation of endoscopic, laser, micro-blasting and other physical stone therapy recounts. But Mr Zhao a very exclusive surgical lithotomy, asked about the history of experts was informed that patients do not have diseases such as diabetes, suggested that he drinks 1.25 litres Coca Cola every day to give it a try.Two months later, Zhao Xiaojun to a hospital review found bezoar disappeared entirely charlotte.雨兒沒有了 圆满结局 sugarful's diary