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Dull love

Some people, because you know him, you will be good to him; some people, because he was to you, you will be good for him.

She is a passive woman, innate sense of inferiority, she was concerned about their own self-esteem, to protect the poor self-esteem, find the true self.

Clumsy Zuiben language. Hear it from her is often blame, perhaps tough love. She could only silently support. Their every word she is engraved in the brain, from time to time will be screened for yourself, and look very happy, and she is always so greedy eyes moist, warm air of the past 清洗冷氣.

They blame her for not calling, not contact does not mean do not miss. She is afraid of. With full of hope, change a disappointed, it should be how lonely ah! The lingering lonely how to fill?!

They asked her to tell the future, she cannot see; they tell her that I meet, they are a few back. She hates. She hate talk insincerely. She hates commitment. She hated no cash. She hates, perhaps is because of love to hate. She can't tell the difference between love, hate中港租車?

She thought. Perhaps she is not good, no one would treat her better; perhaps she 's not kind to other people, other people will not good for her. Maybe! Maybe 咖哩.

She summarized his. Xu is not good. She said to oneself.

Just naughty spring intentional joke, fun, indissoluble amorous feelings.

Simple. Flat faint. Real. A moment of tenderness, short and sweet, eternal sealed. The subtle bitter, sour smell faint, deep love. Some of the lonely. Some lost. A little sad. A little memory. Please wind. Visual they diffuse印刷公司.