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Next year's economic work conference will be held in this week,Gaosuibuyou Thailand this is an important market policy window. In the inflation under control conditions, next year's economic growth has become a important focus. The future market overall trend and hot plate and next year's economic growth and investment direction of closely related. From the central economic work conference keynote, environmental protection and other industries is expected to become the next economic point of growth and market new heat.

Next year the investment direction or have new change

On last week's market,poly bags  should say many unfavorable factors are in a panic amplified. This year the completion of additional 158 listed companies, 103 price lower than the issuance price, accounted for 65.18% of the total number of additional companies this year. And complete the issuance of stock face lifting of the ban the tide comes, also aggravated the market panic.

From a long-term perspective, the future market hot spots may need to pay close attention to the central economic work conference mentioned key industries. This is mainly considered next year economy still rely on investment to pull: the European debt crisis will inevitably lead to the next export situation is not optimistic, consumption in recent years have not appeared remarkable growth, the domestic economy still depends on the investment.

But the next year's investment direction may be different from previous years. In recent years, the investment in key industries, mainly" iron-based public" and real estate. The construction of high-speed railway is one of the key investment of these a few years, investment in the industry already in train accident after a slowdown, next year's investment growth rate will decline; and the real estate industry in the policy tightening investment growth rate decreased gradually, in a clear policy not to relent, next year's investment growth this year is not optimistic.

Energy saving and environmental protection may become new hot

Last week after the close of analytic personage points out, the hot market selection will be more difficult, the main reason is the market itself is not conducive to the long-term production focus pattern.

A rough calculation shows,plastic bags supplier  December only new shares issued on the high total reached 1560000000 shares, market will bring more than 50000000000 yuan pressure. At the same time, the lifting of the ban in December 162538000000 yuan shares, A shares face more than 200000000000 yuan of funds pressure, in this data before, the market turbulence will be normalized, hot selection to select a premise and an important direction.

In the traditional investment in key industries investment after reducing speed, GDP growth can only rely on the new investment direction and investment industry. So, this week in the upcoming central economic work conference published in key industries, and then the hot stock market closely, the industry in the next year may acquire a large number of investment, it is new economic point of growth.

The central economic conference for the market to provide a new policy time window. The creed sex file is the capital market actively to wait for an important event,solar module cell may also be hot to redefine the important standard, particularly following the two industry more worthy of attention and study.

One is energy saving and environmental protection. In 7 strategic emerging industries, energy saving and environmental protection top. Energy saving and environmental protection industry in addition to meet the green economic development requirements, but also has a strong industry drives ability. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection of new industries such as this one theme, anticipated the modern agriculture, modern service industry and the protection of housing construction is expected to be highlighted, which will in the near future funds become the focus.

Two is the culture tourism. In the domestic consumption to upgrade in the process, from basic material needs to cultural demand promotion, cultural pillar industry of leisure tourism, culture and other media will contain greater chance.

To sum up, the next year 's economic growth depends on the direction of new investment to support, economic transition is passive, but it does go through transition. New industries and new economic leader must occur, even if this bibcock as real estate promotion effects, also should assume the burden of leading economy. The next hot spot market is expected to generate resonance with these key investment industry