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A snow of a situation

This afternoon is Yin with. I also worry: Lantern Festival moon can what reward? Then my father and many elders participated in the village is very ancient rites and activities to send light, not heard what appeared to be moral, as a custom handed down, and people just don't want to break the rules, as in the past to. Along the way I'd forget worry, because he has no wish for this month. When it is cloudy, the months in the cloud in the hazy, hidden, the clouds in my annoying block and between the month, also seems to be very embarrassed. Then I sighed: the moon appears to be spoiled. But now it seems that I fear not what need. Because of the weather, I was looking out the window??australia

go out to tender and spread on my face is the moonlight.I hurried to the outside, very generous on the horizon, not the stars that constraint and sense of fear. The deep blue night lining the moon, everything seems to be quiet. Only the quiet sleep beside. Occasionally burst of fireworkscarpet cleaning.

In my opinion they are with their own custom of" beauty" and to set off the month the elegance, purity. But they still persist in one's old ways is ridiculous. May be before his taste, not deep enough attention, superficial and not be like today take goods review of moonlight, think carefully before self is the lack of such a state of mind. The moon appears to be put through to great penetrating power, mapping out everything to me: the beauty and the ugly, real and false, pleasure and joy, sadness and tears. And she is a good medicine physiotherapy , can heal the wound, can wash the mind the dirthilinda.


Moonlight as water, I am very busy on lonely street, seemed to have stirred up a wave ripple. It suddenly began to snow. Northeast snow and elsewhere, no snow is so strong, indifferent. The snow is big, is full of enthusiasm, is duty-bound not to turn back, but peaceful fall on the road, in the tree, falling on the rooftop, falls on the short wall, falling on pedestrian head. That moment, in the snow and his month with my eyes performed a wonderful encounter, my soul seems to be a hitherto unknown.Like poetry, although his voice was vain but afraid of their own realm not, destroyed the beautiful. At this moment the scenes, I can't even breathe, any earth cannot at this time appear suddenly and can keep the good physiotherapy.
I suddenly feel the forces of creation, what is it that makes such a without carving, elegant and graceful art beats natureqianqian?


an time it like a sword, nothing will not cut, just the complex has been lost in time corner. The original time is afraid, will lie, can be either too late to regret or still adaptive facts do not have what difference. It can be seen an attitude, an attitude toward life. Be open-minded, optimistic, someone unwilling, complainair conditioner cleaning.

Two kinds of attitudes determine two kinds of life. But we usually can't understand, because we see only their own their own shadow is the objective of their own, but this is not reasonwhere are youmomo一路向北貢茶smmoth的部落格輕舞飛揚紅茶.

If their own people, doing things have made themselves free, let your heart feel relieved, then all of the words do nothunnenbusinesscentre.