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Every girl is a flower

In fact, each girls all have a common life, maybe they do not first, but they are the only world.

Every girl's heart there is a rose, Japanese photovoltaic proud of it, it is noble, it use a sting disguised himself as the king of the world. But it is also humble, reserved, she could not even towards the left eye, even cry all dare not let the prince knew. They on the prince's glass cover, blood stasis was taken good care of, so instead of flowers on the thorn is a kind of protection, such as decoration is a little more.

In the days of inadvertently scratches, move it out of colored youth brilliance, may the prince red carpet at the end of a beautiful bride have nothing to do with me again, on the young Shao Li pure love, pure forever, eye exercises even only for love and the world can break impulse, in letting go of that moment. Indifferent to. Yes, that is no longer his who, appellation is " you go your way, I go mine ", since then no connection, perhaps common acquaintances mention will crown "before ", soon the " before" is no longer mentioned. This is true of the squat party, silos.?

In the love match we do not mention who is right and who is wrong, not to say who is to reality, irregular diet the merits and demerits of left and others comments.

Be most willing to at least once, holding hands, let the wind music, the sun and the moon Huaguang as evidence; at least once moved to tears, stand on tiptoe to kiss, deeper, flowers and insects the birds as; at least in the phrase " holds hand of the child, and I. ", he is all true, eyes do only shadow; at least every date every visit will be have a genuine and sincere desire; at least in those years was not love in sand strand; at least the time those things, then lead only two; at least ... ... For the word, you don 't resent years callosity, really not. There are so many people, I miss you can if fireworks smile, Fashion reason smile affected eye brow. Remember before you most do not mean giving the smiling face, is beautiful is warm when you are a little sweet is out. Although the world has too many 9 eighteen bend, but don't let smile hidden in the miserable and gloomy atmosphere.

Every girl is a flower, exudes a birthright unique fragrance, every twinkle and smile is out of the ordinary. Maybe today the wind is too cold and some, the night is too long, but in any case, please remember, put the flower, the prince is the regret.