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examination project


The sixth Asian outdoors thing exhibition issued 2010 Chinese outdoors thing market analysis report said that Chinese outdoors thing market size by every year 45% speed increase.

The analysis report pointed out that at present the Chinese outdoors thing market mainly by the specialized outdoors brand, has the outdoors product sports brand,discount women shoes the fashion and the leisure brand and the low end produce market (large-scale supermarket) four parts is composed.

These four big markets present the swift growth situation, in 2010 the scale amounts to 16,500,000,000 Yuan - 18,300,000,000 Yuan, compared in 2009 to grow 45%, these statistics including have not been starting popular outdoors markets and so on ski, mountain bike, fishing and hunting.

In addition, the Chinese independent brand through development in recent years, already gradually realized with the overseas giant meets as an equal, reports said that the Chinese brand in 2013 namely advances into the global core brand hopefully.

Constructs when the Suzhou Shoe industry Base is like a raging fire, the city quality monitoring bureau development zone sub-bureau unceasingly unifies own function, the formulation service new action, cheers for the shoe industry base's development to the strength.

First, to the footwear enterprise widespread propaganda name brand preliminary groundwork's importance and the necessity,south sea pearls popularizes the name brand foundation knowledge thoroughly, and helps the enterprise to complete the name brand positively to create the work each service and the preparatory work, through creates the Suzhou name brand, Anhui name brand and even the national name brand, expands the Suzhou Footwear Enterprise's popularity, the making first-class China shoes.

At the same time, under the Suzhou Quality monitoring Bureau authentication supervision branch's assistance, has the contact with the province quality monitoring bureau surrounding area authentication center, has completed each authentication work earlier period services, for next step quality authentication work and so on ISO9000, ISO9001 has created the condition.

In the municipal government requests to assist in handling cadre each person to relate in a shoemaking enterprise's situation, this bureau strengthens with assists in handling cadre's communication and the exchange, solicits its relation shoemaking enterprise's suggestions on own initiative, widely listens to the shoemaking enterprise's demand, and take the enterprise demand as the center,wholesale costume jewellery measures the body custom make examination project, the establishment conforms to the shoemaking enterprise demand examination project state-level footwear product examination center, makes “the central China shoes” for Suzhou to provide the formidable technology platform and the support.

Argentina tannery industry chemist and technical personnel association (AAQTIC) already announced one item to include the cyanide newest report to the industrial waste, this report is takes the third leather making industry country technology seminar which holds in Buenos Aires to carry on the round table discussion the primary coverage. Carries on the experiment in group of tanneries, the test result indicated:

The cyanide density value is higher than the permission 1 milligram which produces through the chloridizing/liter or 0.1 milligram/liter cyanide harmful. Therefore, these tanneries by positive closing work. The discussion group's members already agreed that will continue the research which carries on to this discussion subject needs, particularly to the TCMTB disinfectant's use,Tahitian pearl  its ingredient is 2- (thiocyano methyl) the benzene and sai zuo, is one kind contains the cyanide compound.

It also confirmed that processes the industrial waste in the leather making process to include the limiting the quantity chemical oxygen demand is 700 milligrams/liter and the biochemical oxygen demand is 200 milligrams/liter as well as the sodium hypochlorite, in the use cyanide salt elimination industrial waste's cyanide's conventional method already created after chlorination processing cyanide harmful density increase.