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Fantasy world


Sometimes confused, in the future, for unknown panic, anxiety, all unknown source or origin, the perturbed and fear. Like, with the bright spring, autumn leaves, suddenly remembered past the deceased general disharmony, I didn't know my own thinking which comes so strongpart time.

But this is not the 90 forty-five degree angle to look up at the sky so blue. Huangshi day is very beautiful. Cloudy fine rain in half a day by the rain wash, rare, bright night water net like eyes, is the star moon, lunar calendar in March 3, the month was just under dazzle, and later on, setting, Mars, Venus, protect it, and the bright moonlight, the poet said: the crescent moon days such as water, but this new moon will fall ~ tell me, you rose and set in a hurry to get what? The poet is not, there are lovers, the Cherry Avenue, they still walk, talk in a low voice, like love, can pull in the moonlight road walk, smile blossoms, can draw the outline of tomorrow and happiness, which itself is happiness.

Think little met when the moon, is about the fifth grade primary school in school practice, work-study program, task is Chashan tea, five in the morning to get up, catch ten, road to Chashan, seen when the moon Luna, round, like a soil eggs, red to the sky night light to color, in early spring the dew is heavy, the moonlight also wet general sticky. Only the young do not know to appreciate the beauty, I rushed feel Chashan, figuring that can get the teacher 's praise -- is often an exercise book.

A little later, people have worried, not confused teenager. Occasionally think of that round yolky river month, why junior doesn't know how to stop a rose, this beauty to future memory to strengthen clear護髮.

This is nothing strange, yesterday, the sun, I and friend said; for example, when you see a fairy tale, you are fascinated by the story, plot, big point ah, your love is the writer's language skills, just now, see the when brought me a lot of happy fairy tale, why there are countless sorrow? The daughter of the sea the poor foam Mermaid, The Steadfast Tin Soldier in the melting time, what are you thinking?