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gastrovascular cavity


Coral is a marine cylindric coelenterate, on white larvae stage is fixed in the ancestors of calcareous remains on a heap of coral, coral corals secrete shells, coral chemical composition mainly for CaCO3, with microcrystalline calcite aggregates form, composition and a certain amount of organic matter, form a tree shape, with vertical stripes, each single coral cross-sectional concentric and radial streaks of color, usually white, there are also a small number of black and blue, coral not only image like branches, brightly colored beauty, ornament, and has high medicinal value.

Coral Persian xuruhak translation,freshwater pearl  Chinese " Coral" the narrow sense refers to the" Coral", a form of generalized" Coral" predatory marine plankton Alcyonarian; and generalized " Coral" it is not a single organism, it is composed of numerous coral polyps and their secretions and skeleton consists of a combination of body, which is called a vegetable" coral tree" and a mineral" coral reef".

The Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf ancient can produce coral, as medicinal materials and decorations. Su Gong said: the South China Sea coral student, from Persia and lion country. Kou Zong said: the Persian kingdom in sea coral island. The sea by large ships, iron net bottom from falling. Coral ' rock, such as the white. An old yellow, becomes two years old red. Staggered four feet tall stems. No water to iron out of the root, is the network ship, wring out of. Time is not taken, the rot moth. Chinese ancient history" translation"," foreign biography" name," the Yi Ji", many records.

Precious coral red, pink, orange red. Red is a result of coral growth in the course of absorbed in the water about 1% iron oxide and form, black is because of containing organic matter. A shiny glass to waxy luster, opaque to translucent, refractive index 1.481.66. 3.54 hardness, density 2.62.7g / cm3, black coral lower density, 1.34g / cm3. Brittle. Strong blistering in hydrochloric acid. No fluorescence.

Coral image like branches, brightly colored beauty, ornament.
  The ancient Romans believed that coral has to prevent disaster, wise, hemostasis and heat radiating function. It is closely related with Buddhism,wireless keyboard  India and Chinese Tibet Buddhists considered red coral is the incarnation of Buddha, they put the coral as offering the Buddha 's mascot, used for beads, or for decorative statues, is highly prized jewellery gemstone varieties. Coral is the Cnidaria Anthozoa ( Cnidaria ) ( Anthozoa ) marine invertebrates. Characterized as having calcareous, horny or leathery within skeletal or exoskeleton. The term also refers to the coral animal bones, especially the calcareous.

Stone ( stone coral coral ( Madreporaria or Scleractinia ) ) has about 1000 species; black corals and coral thorn ( antipatharia ) ( Antipatharia ) of about 100 species of coral ( or Cape Coral; Liu, Liu coral ( Gorgonacea ) ) of about 1200; and the blue coral ( blue coral ( Coenothecalia only ) ) a kind of.

Corals only Hydra type individual, into a hollow cylindrical, is attached to the object's surface, the top export, enclosed by one or more laps tentacle. Tentacle to gather food, can be a certain degree of stretching, there are specialized cells ( spiny cells ), spiny cells stimulated out nematocyst, prey to barbed wire paralysis.
  Egg and sperm by a diaphragm on the reproductive glands to produce, through the mouth into the sea.

Fertilization occurs in the water,golden south sea pearl sometimes also occur in gastric circular cavity. Normally fertilized only occurs in individuals from different eggs and sperm. The zygote is covered with ciliated planula larvae, can swim. A few days to a few weeks after fixed to the solid surface develops into hydra. Can also budding approach to reproductive, bud formation is not with the original Hydra separation. Bud formation and growth continuously, then multiply into groups. The new polyp growth, below the old Hydra death, but bone remained in groups. Soft coral, coral and Coral Blue Willow for community life.

Each in the group Hydra each have 8 tentacles, gastric bypass cavity having a 8 diaphragm, wherein the 6 diaphragm cilia to flow into the gastrovascular cavity, the other two diaphragm cilia to lead gastrovascular cavity flow. Skeleton for internal skeleton. Soft corals are widely distributed, the skeleton consists of separate calcareous spicules.

Some species are discoid, others have fingerlike projections ( such as comb ( Alcyonium ) is a species, commonly known as the finger). Cape Coral in tropical shallow water in abundance, shape of a ribbon or branching, length up to 3 meters ( 10 feet). Cape Coral include so-called precious coral ( also known as the red coral, coral roses ), can be used as decorations, among the common types of Mediterranean red coral ( Corallium rubrum ).

Blue coral ( Heliopora coerula, dark green, blue coral ) are found in India and Pacific oceans in stone corals reefs, forming up to 2 meters in diameter block.