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Heart of the night


Came out of the library, the day has become a dark grey. The dusk that a shower tonight, let the air more than a bit of fresh. Night, seems to be quiet!

Standing on the side of the square, turning now and then to look to the intersection, bus does not come to. It is occasionally blowing wind, let a person very refreshing feeling. Think of the night walking back would be a happy thing, he also gave up waiting for the bus gic.

Lights reflected the leaves of the shadow, limpid playing in the wet asphalt pavement. I just turned around, it does seem to move up, in front of me from the moment ran behind him.

Are not accustomed to the city scene of debauchery, always feel it is too noisy! Then, gave heavy traffic shortcut, specially for some distance to the road of Guan camphor tree walk. As is the ring line on both sides of the road, so no shop, full of lawn. Although many of traffic, but is very quiet, not like the center of the city, so busy.

Green Road on one side of the road with big Ficus religiosa, lush foliage has been completely shaded lived below the road. Breeze blows, the rain in a body, is very cool service03.

Silent night, such as water! Tonight, this moment rare quiet, to make it appear more distant and deep. Heart suddenly produced a clear feeling, like the grass unknown worm. A stop, you can hear it scuttling all voices.

At the moment, my heart filled with joy! I smile, looking at every passer-by coming. In the forthcoming approaching the moment, bow and they pass each other, finely footstep disappeared in the night of silence! On the ground, the wind lightly swinging, like who in the life of the streamer ... ...

Walked and walked, suddenly there was loud in front of. Originally, imperceptibly, I had already turned into the industrial zone.

Back to the dormitory, the heart is still shallow quiet. This feeling has been as the shadow follows the form my way tonight! In this way, it for me too many petty sorrow. Let me have a short time, those messy placed no emotion, piled in the pen this gentle words service05.

Just, I don't know: tonight, I walked into the night; or the night then lived in my heart!