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hey say the world is constituted

They say the world is constituted by a colorful , passionate red , gray confusion, passion orange , blue , elegant, pure white , black patchwork of fear constitutes colorful life , but you did say this stubborn the world is black and white, will never be the color tone , even if you feel the occasional burst of small waves hit , is enough to make your original black and white world becomes completely dark , so you can not see anything , you just kept in the dark , groping forward, to find your patch of white . 胡菁霖Teny Wu秉承事事親為的家風
You may have been alive in the memories of those past , those things, obsession, and then on into the quagmire of memories , long time can not wake up knowing that will never come back , but stubborn stopped there and refused to move . It is said that each person every seven years the body's cells will change again, then , seven years later , we are a new person. Different road , will make our respective separated, but it does not matter , each section of the road of life , we will find others to follow suit . Needless to say sorry to lose , to thank them once in your life , accompany you laugh and cry , but they are destined to run away, so you have to look forward in life , new people , new to do, to bring we are not the same beautiful.
The most precious thing in the world , not what others have and you do not get , nor those who have lost so far you regret , but you now have , and that is what you really want to cherish , not the heart emptiness in my heart to pursue those things , it was just a dream you've done , no one knows , wake up , we've got nothing . If you want to be a dreamer , then use their own efforts to prove it !
You can cry , but please do not give up ;
You can fall , but do not climb afford ;
You can fail, but do not recover.
How can we not dream of stumbling way , how could smooth the way Dream ? When a child learning to walk , who did not fall over ah , down a little, pick back up , so slowly you just learned to walk , and we dream in the process , and learning to walk , what is different , the same learning , also in the chase , in fact, are the same. 史雲遜
Do not be sad , do not despair , do not go to imagine the life of every misery is as a jump , you really spent , only a step toward success, you still have a long way in life , one day everything will be fine up , do not be too excessive attention to your frustration , but do not give up and therefore , little setback is not enough to be your excuse for failure , try again , you can.
If you can not change the world , it is to change yourself, until this world can accommodate you and accept you . Experienced, all I want to miss .外傭