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Hongkong gold market

The gold market in Hongkong has a history of one hundred years. Its formation is the Hongkong gold and silver trade field is established as a symbol. In 1974 小hklesson, the government of Hongkong revoked the gold import and export controls, and the city of Hongkong fast development. Since the Hongkong gold market in time just to fill the New York, and London markets closed before the opening of the neutral, can be coherently in Asia, Europe, the United Stateshklesson, formed a complete world gold market. Its superior geographical conditions caused the attention of European gold, London five major business, Switzerland three big banks have to set up branch offices. They will be delivery in London gold trading activities to Hongkong, gradually formed an invisible" local London gold market", make Hongkong become the world's major gold markets in the world.
At present, the Hongkong gold market by three markets: Hongkong gold and silver trade to Chinese capital market, business advantage, have fixed trading places, the main trading gold specifications for 99standard bullion learning, transaction is the open outcry, spot transactions; the London gold market, foreign capital business as the main body, no fixed transaction place; the gold futures market, it is a normal market, its nature and the United States of New York and Chicago commodity futures exchange gold futures property is the samehklesson. Regular trading mode, system more perfect, can make up for the inadequacy and silver trade.