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Hot HD player


If the HD player industry in recent years in one of the fastest-growing sectors, should not have the question, from the beginning of fancier to HD machine study and hobbies, now the family gradually appear, dab8f23ek can use a wide range of influence, the remarkable. Mention HD machine will have to mention the Sigma chip, can be recognized as the best choice of HD, only because the Sigma solution has excellent HD decoding performance, and supports 1080P Full HD video decoding, the most important is also can appear the most perfect quality, the most beautiful sound quality listening. Picture after 15 years of training, digital tv player adhere to innovation and progress, has launched dozens of hot models. While HD industry the best-selling and most popular consumer models, US R9 ( online shopping price 780 yuan ) third generation fully deserve. Picture R9 third generation using the top Sigma SMP8671 chip, the industry called the HD in aircraft carrier. Design of arrogant, has a top HD decode scheme, to achieve the most HD decoder form, picture clarity, delicate, natural, let a person feel Ultra Luxury audio-visual feast. The current picture third generations in the business " Chun Guangzhou Airlines digital ", selling price only 969 yuan, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to黃糖面膜.

Look at the picture in R9 third generation design, feel aggressive exposed, continuous innovation and progress, and strive to give customers the best viewing experience.

Picture of R9 third generation of unique design, panel design continues the powervision 's simple design style, the fuselage shell using the black wire drawing metal manufacturing process, feel good; giant logo and bright acrylic front panel, functional icon, the key, the LED display blue font is bold, stylish and elegant delicate; small tail antenna, on the machine body looked like, as the carrier, let a person feel arrogant; rows of cooling vents, unique design and practical, can be seen only by the appearance quality and taste. But look at the whole body when it will find that R9 is the USB interface moved to the lower part of the base, gradually narrowing over the cooling vents, plus a small tail antenna, free youtube downloader let a person can't help to think of sea giant - aircraft carrier.

Picture R9 third generation has a full function output interface, a 5.1 audio degradation of output, the 7.1 generation audio source output, full high-definition Blu-ray player decoder, 1-255 RGB YUV panchromatic order output, APE music, the highest support 192K 24bit play music files, and the sound is thick, the channel separation of excellent, new and old TV can use the connection, accessible to all users, while also supporting the firmware to restore a key, do nHK dbaot have to worry about the failure of the operation, gently press can be reduced.

Picture third generation using a built-in R9 pulling hard disk, hard disk insertion and removal is very convenient disassembly, without the need for screws, three block. Hard disk support a variety of formats, sigma chip contains almost all HD format decoding, support for DVD navigation. Picture R9 third built-in high-speed wireless net calorie, high gain antenna, simple network connection settings, high-end design, simple operation, humanized full, while enhancing the network platform for online play capability, movie player stability and picture quality are very strong.

Picture R9 third built-in SMB and NFS two-way server, can put the LAN so the machine is connected to other machines, NFS protocol shared content is mapped to the player, the player of SMB shared storage shared to other equipment, greatly simplifies the different media equipment between copy steps, to establish a home media center, easy to use, network sharing and interactive and audio-visual experience will be more perfect嬰兒奶粉比較.