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I miss you


Early this morning, leaves one after another. The earth after a night rain baptism, not be more clear, more refreshing. I do not know where the heavy smoke, with the wind to the bustle of the city, returned, suffocating, let a person feel depressed. The smoke from the time, look around, a hazy, the air was filled with the strong smell of burning, he reminds me of our relationship. I have a burning flame, fade away, and you always seem to go in the mist, let me see, you can't touch, I expect to see someone who never comes, will you still can not see clearly, can't tell you what is smiling, or in the sighoffice cleaning.

Yellow leaves, from the branches, with the wind passing by, don't know where, like my withered heart, will heavy miss scattered all over the floor. I tried hard to pick up the pieces, and slowly put together, they found a corner missing, then how can't find it backhairloss.

A blank ceiling, is my box live your image frames. Every night in the sleep, I will call you softly nickname, to say goodnight to you. Daily wake up first eye, you will naturally come to my eyes. The morning that a wisp of wire, through the window into the room with a light, warmth, and you, in my heart left a pure and warm. Occasionally, I will make a cold smile, hope that one day you will have very good
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Never truly appreciate the care is a taste of what, until you turn away, towards dawn. Look at you far away, disappearing back, my heart is like an invisible line holding, from time to time off, and as a superior air was hanging in the wind, wind rocking, unable to rest. Originally, worry is a was pulled strings, muffled cyclotron, recites the heavy miss, hanged Campanula, swing, swing the affectionate care. Then, I found myself whether the Fengqing clear, or the company, or the night insects, or in the early morning wake up, or is the oblique object, or drunk asleep, always, always hold you in my heartl-carnitine.

When it rains, the rain, like my endless missing, in the air is blowing, wet ground, wet shoulders, more wet heart. The once beautiful scene, now floating light sadness, want to go left.

The wind sigh, just like your faint blame, it whispers, light but you in my mind slowly whispers, rain and tears of sadness, just like you, it 's cold, hide your heart.

Always in the drive by your place, thought to flat. Walking down the freeway, looked at the street light and shade trees beside the road constantly drew back, as I opened the curtain past events. Car always plays your favorite song, and mildly tender, but hurt my heart. Only a short while ago, you and I with gentle melodies, into each other in the world, with stars.

Start to learn the piano, when the fingers are kept in the keys of a sliding, clang is not very smooth music, hate not can see it well, you can compose, for you lyrics. I wanted to write a song about you poetry, in every miss you night, gently humming, low humming, humming me, sing me orders. And you, whether from the brief words, listen to a ray of love, and blurring your vision? If you still love me, the cold ever wet in your eyes? Night without stars ever to stir your heart's sadness?

I like a band show, the empty air to scratch, to catch every little bit past, hid it in the pocket, let me in the lonely night, out of thin aftertaste, feel you by my side. You are like the reflection in the water, so clear, so near. But when I flick, lifted many ripples, but blurred your image. When everything is calm, but actually, everything is their phantom. The moon in water, the flower in the mirror of love, why so true, but then illusory? Why so sweet, but then the pain?