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In the face of life


Experience is the best textbook, we have a record of my life, when we all grey, turned into the years have gone on the road, they will lament, so this is life. In today's society of fierce competition in the market, let us every hour and moment does not bear the enormous pressure, continuous work will make us tired. Our way of life hope to hear the cheers, encourage sound, this is everybody's wish. But in fact in our efforts to behind and have won warm applause, let us become dejected and despondent, remain stagnant, complaining about life into our homely food. Someone says, a long face is sufficient to cover the whole sky. Yes, not because of his disappointments and affect your mood, affect the emotions of those around him, to timely adjust the attitude, active in the face of life, smiling face of all, God of the destiny to give everyone the chance is fair, just about everyone to grasp the dynamics of different strikehair3k.

Almost each work can encounter in the area where the scavengers in the elderly, the elderly seem to be about seventy years old, grizzled beard, his tanned face engrave full time left texture, deeply. He half a leaning into the trash out things from time to time, head up, next to the stop with a battered human tricycles, placed on top of a big bag, filled with old paper, bags and the like, in front of the basket on a radio, the radio is playing news, sounds great, is old man looked up our eyes met is, he smiled at me, his mouth still lack one of his front teeth, he laughed as calm, I also have him a smile. Let us not to think of him as to why this, let us to appreciate his calm, the peace of mind. He might just do their own things to do everything in one's power, enrich their life, I can not help but he produced a tribute, sigh, the setting sun is infinite goodhair3k,


just NeuIn this world, there are many things there's no telling us that we cannot control, but you can control your own fate,; we cannot predict the future, but can hold now; we cannot control the weather, but you can adjust your mood. While there is life, there is hope, we can have a rich and colorful lifehair3k.