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In the mountains of stone

Like stones, not because they are silent or unique shape, but because they to me has some special meaning. I came from the mountains, stone was my childhood favorite plaything, just like the other kids in the pockets of the snacks, never enough, never eat out. I like to see the stones in the water speed flight performance; like to watch them hard to peer in the slippery ice moment; I used to use it to fight my fruit is accustomed to using it; after that always barking dogs with lane. I still remember, I then coat both sides have two covered with patches of large pockets, the inside is always quiet lie many stones, therefore, I also scolded by her mother does not know how many times. For the stone, I guess our love story will begin.多種維他命

When I was young, home is poor, the toy for me is a luxury, see the other kids have "car", "pistol", dolls, and I can only choke purple fingers quietly watching, dare not go to play together, do not have to dad asked, because the father's the bags of cigarette stuffy already my childhood dream interpretation, "poor" as the northwest folk songs, tore heart crack lung sing. The village elders speak, the stone is the heaven gives our gifts, they are cute and precious. My tears the letter, because I have no choice, childhood always need a little "have" to decorate. I began to have their own "toy", although they ordinary, but for me, it is very valuable. They gave me out of the dark corners of the courage, beginning with their friends are not alone; they gave me laughter, let my childhood become beautiful.胡菁霖




Entered the school, I began to have their own "work", the less time, stone and my playmate relations become estranged, but this does not affect the friendship between me and the stone "". In the mountains, the children rarely have their own pen and paper, just have a gift, a don't finish writing the "paper" and a don't finish writing the "pen". As you can see, the dusty playground, neat rows of squat little hands, a pebble, writing his own heart "small world", the scene that how spectacular. Thus, the stone became my primary school time, I used it to my sad childhood most incisive writing. Stone is very ordinary, but in our hands, they and our "work" as great.史雲遜有效