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Limited company
  Company or joint-stock company, its credit is based on the company 's capital rather than individual shareholders, is a typical capital company. Is defined by the number of stockholders, the entire capital stock as the form is divided into equal shares, shareholders of its shares shall be liable for the company with limited liability, the company with all its assets of the company's debt responsibility of enterprise legal person. Shares of the company's shareholders are not less than 5 ( state-owned enterprise restructuring for the company except),Production House  but no maximum number; set up and running of all public offering ( current securities regulations do not allow the establishment of public offering ); Flexible Equity transfer. Company

Corporation has the following legal characteristics: ( a ) Company Limited is a typical capital company, company credit fully established in the capital on the basis of. ( two) establishment of a company limited by shares more stringent conditions. ( three) Company Limited has a strict internal organization. ( four) shares of a joint stock limited company is equal. ( five) shares of a joint stock limited company is the embodiment of the form of stock. Stock is a kind of negotiable securities in the securities market, bridgestone  can buy stock circulation, anyone can become a shareholder of the company, shareholders may be in the market of free transfer of shares. ( six) stock limited company is an enterprise legal person, shall bear civil liabilities independently.
  Set condition

The establishment of a joint stock limited liability company, should meet the following conditions: ( a ) initiators meets the statutory qualifications and quorum. The establishment of a joint stock limited company, there shall be 5 or more promoters, and there must be more than half of the promoters have domicile in china. If a state-owned enterprise is restructured as a joint stock limited company, the promoters shall not be less than 5 people, but should be taken to raise way of setting up. Sponsors must be in accordance with the" company law" provisions which shall subscribe to the shares subscribed. ( two) subscribed for by the sponsors and to the public to raise equity reaches the statutory minimum capital amount.

Company limited by shares the minimum amount of the registered capital of 10000000 yuan. ( three ) the issuance of shares, ready to comply with the law. ( four) prepared by the sponsors the articles of association of the company, and by the founding meeting by.MotoGP  ( five) the name of the company, established in accordance with the requirements for a joint stock limited company organization. ( six) the production and operation of a fixed place and the necessary conditions for production and operation. ( seven) must be approved by the department authorized by the State Council or the approval of the provincial people's government.
  Listing conditions

Limited company applying for listing of its shares shall meet the following conditions: ( a ) the stock by the securities regulatory authority has been issued to the public; ( two) the company's total share capital of not less than RMB 50000000 yuan; ( three) the opening time in more than 3 years, profit for the last 3 years; the original state-owned enterprises in accordance with the alterations and the establishment of the, or" company law" after the implementation of the new formation of the establishment, the main sponsor of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises,wireless keyboards can be calculated continuously.

( four) hold the stock value reached 1000 yuan more than the number of shareholders of not less than 1000 people, is issued publicly to the society of the shares of the company shares more than 25% of the total; the total share capital of the company exceeds RMB 400000000 yuan, the public offer shares ratio of more than 15%; ( five) the company in recent 3 years major violations, no false records in financial accounting report; ( six) other requirements prescribed by the state council.
  Eligible is limited, so some limited liability company doesn't have to be big.
  The difference with a limited liability company

In 1, is a limited liability company belongs to the" human capital stock company" the operation is not only the capital combination, but also a relationship of trust between the shareholders, at this point, you can think he is based on partnership and corporation between; corporation is completely funded company, is the capital of the shareholders with, not based on the trust relationship between shareholders.
  In 2, the shareholders of a limited liability company there is a restriction on the number, more than 2 people in 50, and there is no limit on the number of shareholders, as long as no less than 5 people can.

3, the limited liability company shareholder other than the transfer of capital is restricted, need to go through more than half of all shareholders agree, and the limited liability company shareholder other than the transfer of investment is not limited, can be freely transferred. 4, limited liability company can not be a public offer of shares, not to issue stock, and a joint stock limited company may issue a share publicly

In 5, a limited liability company not disclosed to the public finance, production, management information, and limited the number of shareholders, flow is frequent, need to publicize its financial status.