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Just ordinary

Such as ordinary as ordinary.

In the ordinary world, I landed trivially in this world, even though I keep crying, even though I desperately to announce my unusual However, like many babies, I am still a step by step to grow up , shook his toddler, to babbling, from the first chopstick, for the first time to hold a pen, as I followed the students go to school investment bank.

I am trying to learn, hard to do our best, and strive to do the teacher's star pupil, so well behaved well behaved. However, in the end, or ordinary, as followed by the students studies, has been tireless in the way of learning kept ahead, to the last minute, or as ordinary placid.

Thought, I walked out of the campus, I will become, I will no longer extraordinary. Slowly out of the community, looking Among the places people, I began to feel the day the earth big, is so small, like an ant, in order to find that a small m the struggle, struggle with the struggle, and then from the lofty aspiration to become mundane .

In the ordinary world, the ordinary, very happy, there is a saying, the more you will lose more, what you lose, you will eventually be lost, regardless of those things is worthwhile, after all, or pay a lot. Will always be people to say, lose something far less than the harvest, which is the vast majority. In fact, life is seriously to fight, of course, is good, Business Doctorate programsbut ordinary plain happiness.

I'm just an ordinary girl, looks Aromatic, but clean and handsome, confident, and usually do not need enchanting Fuhua dress, only of a little makeup least a trace of tranquil, clear eyes with the secular world, but an ordinary lip gloss, and will be able to expose my best smile. Does not require expensive and wonderful clothes, a comfortable touch of silk Hong clothes would make me a good mood, walk to start the child is so easy.
I'm just an ordinary girl, and occasionally also Petty, go to cafe to drink coffee, listening to soft music, looking at a page from the bag with magazines, looking out to people coming and going to the people, and then deliberately Xia Xiang, who hurried through, and they for their extraordinary efforts to strive for the extraordinary, whether they have such a leisurely afternoon, drinking this fragrant tea. Emerged from the heart could not help the slightest joy deliberately say, they do not, they are so poor. I'm glad that my ordinary.

I am just an ordinary girl, will stop shopping, from one wandered to that one, looked at the price of those goods will complain about a few, but soon sank to go casual, continue to struggle with the next target. Sometimes it is not to buy things, go shopping, but a feeling, wearing headphones, or listen to the latest pop songs, or listening to those who have a taste of old songs, or listen just found out that he never heard whether it be new songs or old songs, where we go from here, knowing that they went where, tired, and will find a place to sit down, drink about juice, looking at the scenery Cloud Provider.

I'm just an ordinary girl, sometimes dwelling inside the home to clean sanitation, and clean up the house, trying to make the structure of the family try to adapt them decorations to a different location to feast for the eyes, this time will be very narcissism to shoot their own masterpiece on the web sun drying, or write in the log inside, feel for the home design is very talented. To Hen Aixi of each item of the Hen Aixi home, because they are accompanied by a long, long time, do not know when it was there, just to know, to pack a lot of times, are not willing to lose or have lost and took it to retrieve it, perhaps, they are enough ordinary, extraordinary blend with me.

I'm just an ordinary girl, there will be what is going to do the day, just keep in the face of computer do the same thing. This is why many girls go through extraordinary despicably extraordinary things. That is to chase the drama. The chase was incredibly hard, see I do not know Jinxi is what year. Crazy enough to eat or drink, from the children's favorite funny animation, to the idol, and then is hit series, the last hundreds of years even the old-fashioned film will be found out, to see and fast, the story of the network resources to expand Max Max. Sit is up to several hours, that look very seriously, without regard to what happened outside, I wonder if others call you what, just keep doing seriously one associated with the emotions of their own emotions, if necessary, laughing few times, or crying meal, head.

I'm just an ordinary girl, not the ordinary to what to do, a deep sleep all day, not very good sleep, just wanted to do a wonderful dream, which total failure, so make persistent efforts, Mengtoudashui the sun from the east to the west of the nest in the bed, the bed is the most comfortable, warmest. Turn off the alarm clock, turn off the phone, turn off all the things that can create sound, this battle, just want to extraordinary good sleep a long sleep.

I'm just ordinary girl, sister friend a few together, one of them is best know their own, and it is only regarded as known has been the man told her many, many, life, emotional, The most emotional confusion, sharing, taste, and then advice is to take part in the program, laughing some music with you, you worry, it touches the most really reveal. Life was known to have been enough, perhaps this is ordinary life, only to have such a friend. Friends outside, there will be a bunch of good friends who share your interests, usually together, eat dinner, tourism and travel. Then decent discourse, doing fun things, an ordinary man like-minded children, ordinary doing extraordinary things.

I'm just ordinary girl, simply to talk about a love, and do not need to vigorously, but it is also true contribution had no regrets. Weekdays, playing the love, Mama Pretty. Then lover?? Section, anniversaries each other to send a gift to talk about love, then. Ordinary, but it has become a habit, people really memorable, although it is trivial, but let each other feel are not ordinary, and forever, stay together, to grow old in the eyes of the people, it is very plain and ordinary, but this is the happiest of the ordinary.

I have been very eager to go thought, I do not want ordinary, I'd like to have gone through one hundred thousand turn back, travels the Qianshan into water, outward success. I finally fall into the ordinary. I am not afraid of the road ahead bumpy, but the fear of falling after hit. I am not afraid to strive for, but they were afraid of the hopeless, confused in the wrong way, so trivially touched footprints, step by step walk, I walked slow a lot, but it is smiling, happy with .

I'm just ordinary, not biased contradictions, not humble vulnerable. Not to blindly obtained from the not everything scrutiny. I'm just ordinary.