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Keep a quiet heart

Keep a quiet heart

Life is a stretch as far as eye can see sea, person is the one leaf bateau sea. The sea there is no be in smooth water time, therefore, the people there are always a joy sorrow. When the nameless hit trouble, frustrated with the loss of burning every nerve. But, friends sugarful, do not forget to hold a peaceful heart, there will be no pain.

Each of the front, there is a road leading to the remote, rugged but full of hope. Not everyone can go far, because the total is not drained because of the sand shoe and terribly fatigued give up halfway. Therefore, the key to people's feelings of joy and suffering is not in itself, but the mood nicepenny.

When life troubles come, please leave the burden, raised looking at bright, blue sky, let the gentle blue thing to heart. Playing like a child tired, looking for a piece of soft green grass to lie down, and the sun in the face of moon nicepenny, let the breeze blowing over the heart does not fold.

When surrounded by layers of frustrated, please open the window to let the fresh air in, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, the sweet fragrance of the soil atmosphere to find a trace of the quiet, like a child, picked up the dandelion?? to be fine, take the two cheeks blowing open one has a small umbrella, with surprise. Close your eyes, make a wish nicepenny. Then, the heart will be more of a comfort and joy.

When the melancholy helplessness to, please wipe bright eyes, look at the setting sun, listen to the insects and birds. Like childhood in a small courtyard to cricket sounds, the rise of the number of the stars in the sky. Then, all the noise disturbing gradually fade, have a quiet heart nicepenny.

Keep a quiet heart, you will sigh: even though I am not happy, also don't put locked brow, the short life, why cultivation bitter?

Keep a quiet heart, you will be able to understand the broad diluted sad, quiet can dispel confusion. Yes, no one knows exactly how far the distance, but the open window of the soul, let the sunshine and happiness into the moonlight, the quiet heart will have a never extinguished the happy song.

Keep a quiet heart, you can continue to go beyond, continue to challenge yourself. Even if the distance is never far away, also the birth of one thing -- -- the miracle.