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Keep it between you and me

The time of one minute, every little bit of my heart broken,
Lost love, really is the time to make up for?
I love you!
In this cold heart, the moment I think of who, I'm afraid I don't even know!
When the tears fall down, I sit on the sofa and trembling to hold their own, know what their thinking is actually a fool do not know nterior design! When I think of him to say that word and I never mind the words, I cry also obtained.
I touch myself has cold heart to ask yourself, I need to? But an evil and tell me you don't need, another justice tell me I need to.
I only know I good vexed, tired, enough, I want to be alone,
But when I had enough, tired, want a quiet time,
But you must soundless and stirless rushed into the room, let me defenseless again accept you,
I want to ask you, what is it you want from me Tutorial centers.?
Who knows to be hurt the love can not love others, I don't have to love others, so will only silly me to love a person deeply buried in the bottom of my heart until the old go at that moment A psychiatrist.
Even if you don't say, I also do not say, and no matter what we will be in the future, I will be waiting with you, my secret until the earth no longer turn, the sun was out!
Keep it be tween you and me!!!!