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lamp's duty


Enterprise Zhengzhou has not conserved energy the lamp Production enterprise temporarily Eliminates the incandescent lamp, without doubt will benefit the good energy conservation lamp industry, they can divide the market which arrives “the cake” to be more. “eliminates the incandescent lamp, definitely meets the diplomatic agent to be able the lamp, the LED lamp's market share to be getting bigger and bigger, thus welcomes fast development the spring.”

Henan reflected plain-text telegram Limited company Zhengzhou physical distribution center person in charge Zhang Wei saying that at present,cheap evening dresses  because the price was relatively high, the resident regarding conserved energy the lamp, the LED lamp to accept ability to be very also limited particularly, once eliminated the incandescent lamp, then the traditional civil illumination's market will be seized rapidly. “as the matter stands, the sales volume came up, will conserve energy the lamp and the LED lamp's market price gradually will then drop, lets the resident be easier to accept, this will be the product development inexorable law.”

But Zhengzhou clearly conserves energy technical company person in charge Liu Yake also to indicate that at present, LED lamp's price every year by 15%~20% proportions in drop, if the incandescent lamp is eliminated, the LED lamp's prospects for development will be able to be costume jewellery  According to Henan Province illumination association honorary Director the Cui new year's day said that at present, Zhengzhou does not have the production to conserve energy lamp's enterprise, but produces the LED lamp's enterprise to have 34, the scale is also quite big, the investment is over a billion Yuan.

Environmental protection
  The country still not contained mercury energy conservation lamp recycling policy At present, our country produces conserves energy lamp's main raw material is the luminous powder, but the luminous powder primary data is the rare earth. It is reported that in near a half year, the rare earth price already rose in prices 1 to 6 times different.

Recently, the purity ≥99.99% rare earth sole oxide compound - - europium oxide, has amounted to each ton 19,000,000 Yuan, this already was silver price more than two times. However some news reported that now already had the LED light bulb which is more advanced than the traditional energy conservation lamp, even more conserves energy, it uses raw material is the silicon, compared the rare earth to be much more common. Incandescent lamp's principle of work is heats up the filament circular telegram to the incandescent condition, sends out the visible light using the heat radiation.

Although conserves energy the lamp compared to the ordinary incandescent lamp electricity saving 60%~80%, service life long 4~8 times,South Sea Pearls brightness is ordinary lamp's 5 times, lighting electricity takes electric quantity 12%. But the energy conservation lamp actually exists recycles the difficult question.

It is known that conserves energy in the lamp stick's mercury possibly to pose the threat to the health. Conserves energy the lamp including the mercury quantity approximately is 0.5 milligram ordinary, but the mercury then volatilizes under the normal temperature, wholesale fashion jewellery   after conserving energy the lamp stave, instantaneous may cause in the air the mercury density to exceed the allowed figure over a hundred times, surpasses the maximum allowable concentration which greatly the human body may withstand.

Conserves energy the lamp according to one to measure 0.5 milligrams computation ordinary including the mercury, possibly pollutes to 1000 liters water or 300 cubic meters air.

Regarding this,LED strip lights the Cui new year's day suggested resident when use energy conservation lamp, do not break as far as possible, and do not throw at will into the breakage energy conservation lamp the trashcan. “at present, the country also does not have the recycling to conserve energy lamp's related policy including the mercury, I suggested that the country should provide the subsidy, lets the Manufacturer undertake the centralism recycling to conserve energy lamp's duty.”