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Leather clothing maintenance


1, keep dry, placed in ventilated cool place.

2, avoid insolation, fire, water washing, sharp substance and chemical solvents.

3, handbag without any waterproof processing, wet handbags, please use soft cloth dry, to prevent a stain or watermark plastic bag manufacturer help for life and the surface appearance of wrinkles. If used on rainy days, special attention should be paid.

4, not just the use of shoe polish.

5, grind sand by wet water, should with rubber eraser and special supplies cleaning care, should not use shoe polish.

6, care should be taken to protect all metal parts, damp and high salt environment will cause oxidation. Preservation of the leather bag

7 leather bag when not in use, the best preserved in cotton generation, do not put into a plastic bag, because the plastic bag air does not flow, can make the leather dry and damaged. Package preferably plug some soft toilet paper, in order to maintain the bag shape. If there is no suitable bags, old pillowcase also very practical.

8 purses and shoes, is another type of active material, every day, using the same bag, easily causing cortical elastic fatigue, so like shoes, several interactive use; purses if accidentally wet, can be the first to use a dry towel dry moisture, which putting the newspaper, toilet facial paper manufacturer products magazines things out, don't directly to the sun, it would make you beloved bag fade, deformation.

Take care of

Kindly also can turn into a bad thing, the maintenance of leather is the same, if incorrectly on the rough texture of the cleaning agent, powdered detergents or organic cleaning solution, will cause varying degrees of damage to leather. In general, daily cleaning and maintenance, use a mild soap solution is enough (with a damp cloth to wipe the becomes, do not wash leather immersion in water ). The market to find cleaner for leather effect is also very good, but also contains a lubricant, can keep the leather softness. Stubborn dirt may use a mild cleaning agent to deal with, or the need for professional cleaning.

If the leather wear condition, can be coated with a less oily colorless leather care cream, let its slowly permeable, use a clean soft cloth to polish, can make leather recur bright luster, Android TV remote can also prevent the leather dry.

Whether you choose which section of "the true king of leather products, more provide maintenance of leather secret, will make your love keeps the most beautiful face, with your smart road, show style charm.