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Major and medium electric appliance   Company: Major and medium electric appliance Limited company  

 The company introduces: The major and medium electric appliance Limited company source results from founder Zhang Dazhong as to hold, to weave the shuttle unlocking wheel operating lever in oneself kitchen take the flat-bottomed baking pan, manufactures and sells 60 floor lamps. DVB-T TUNER  From 1982, undergoes 20 remaining years of life development, the major and medium electric appliance has become one of national well-known large-scale electric appliance chain-like sale enterprises, advanced into row of the national electric appliance chain-like ten armor. in 2007 by the country US Telegraphic Transmission purchase.

  First, the intelligent green electric appliance product will form the seriation, the formalization  

 Electric appliance

  Is day by day severe along with the international telegram border market environment standard, the country has released a series of energy efficiency standard, through the price reform, the tax revenue system and so on a series of important measure compulsion impetus energy conservation product's popularization, the energy conservation environmental protection small household electrical appliances becomes ultimately.

Not only the producer must achieve the environmental protection energy conservation on the product raw material, moreover must develops the development from the technology and the craft, thus optimizes from the manufacture, the product to the service green electric appliance industry chain, causes its seriation, the formalization.

Second, the electric appliance enterprise builds the high-end vivid price the transparence and the profit hastens slightly displays day by day obviously on the low-and-middle small household electrical appliances product, the more electric appliance enterprises by low-and-middle will ask the quantity, will seek profit with the high-end. How the advantage further quantification,DVB-T MPEG 4  is the boundary which many enterprises pursue. At the same time, the consumer expended the idea the

transformation also achievement high-end electric appliance product development. The price no longer will be the first condition, what displaces is factors and so on brand, technology.

The enterprise the continual readjustment product localization, more user-friendly, the technology content high electric appliance product will invest the market, the building high-end image. Third, the brand concentration degree electric appliance breaks the promotion domestic small household electrical appliances profession to be in the concentration degree not to be high, brand many and mixed conditions. The national electric appliance Production enterprise probably has more than 5000, mostly belongs to the small investment, the small-scale production, therefore the product quality is irregular, this entered for the large-scale electrical appliances enterprise has created the good opportunity and the growth space.

The large-scale electrical appliances enterprise may use own brand and the technical superiority, seizes the electric appliance market rapidly. Therefore, “superior win and the inferior wash out” the hard law must make the choice among the electric appliance enterprise, the electric appliance profession will certainly to reshuffle, many enterprises by the marginalization,DVB T RECEIVER the brand concentration degree will be enhanced unceasingly.

Fourth, the electric appliance enterprise will fight in one place after another three, four level of market product sale mainly to concentrate in the city first-level, the secondary market, three, four level of market potential demand has not had the full excavation.

First-level, the secondary market competition is intense, is following the operation cost enhancement inevitably, reduced the profit space. But under steady progression's economical environment, the consumption level and power of consumption's day after day formation, three, four levels of markets will start day after day. The electric appliance enterprise will certainly to accelerate to fight in one place after another three, four level of market step. The product seriation, channel's diversification, personnel's element electron particle materialization, the marketing strategy is the enterprise attacks and occupies the new market essential strategic weapons comprehensively.

The electric appliance enterprise must strengthen multiplex unceasingly the comprehensive competitive power. "Electric appliance" is the window which the Chinese Domestic electric appliances Profession Enterprise exchanges, is the domestic and foreign merchants understands the Chinese domestic electric appliances profession development the best media.

Investigation which according to this publication carries on, "Electric appliance" approximately has 3-5 people to read, profession arrival rate is very high, is industry in the most influential periodical, covers electrical appliances profession all domains nearly. "Electric appliance" uses the international popular great 16 book size entire color printing, each issue of 80 pages, the format modern design, are succinct, are natural, advertisement creativity novel unique, printing mounting and design fine lofty.