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meat dishes


 6. hotel matters needing attention:   1. in the hotel room ordinary circumstances retains to reservation same day's at exactly 6:00 pm, the holiday possibly retains to at exactly 5:00 pm   2. because like the visitor other reasons arrive late, please after ordering successfully sends a telegram directly retains the room, the convention and so on special time needs to provide the credit card guarantee or to pay the room expense ahead of time.   3. because room price seasonal variation possible inaccurate, please or think firmly finally by the telephone consultation

Classification and rank Hotel classification   ①Commerce hotel. It mainly receives the visitor who is engaged in the commercial activity primarily,Catering Service  is serves for the commercial activity. This kind of visitor is high to the hotel geographical position request, requests the hotel to approach the city or the commercial central area. Its passenger capacity is not had generally the season influence the big change. The commerce hotel's facility has excellent facilities, the service function is more perfect.

  ②Takes vacation the hotel. It receives the leave of absence the visitor primarily, multi-constructions nearby seashore, hot spring, scenic spot. Its management's seasonal characteristic is strong. Takes vacation the hotel request to have the perfect recreational facility.

  ③Makes a long stay the hotel. In order to rent the tenant to provide the long time the board and lodging service. This kind of hotel guest room adopts the family type structure, by the anteroom primarily, room big may supply a family use, small to have only supplies the single room which a person uses. It both provides the general hotel the service, and provides the general family the service.

  ④Conference hotel. It is by receives the conference passenger's hotel primarily, also provides sends and picks up services and so on station, conference material printing, video recording photograph, traveling besides the board and lodging entertainment for conference representative. The request has the more perfect parliamentary services facility (size conference room, simultaneous interpretation equipment, projecting apparatus and so on) and the function complete entertainment facility.

  ⑤Sightseeing hotel. Mainly serves for the sightseeing tourist, the multi-constructions in the tourist point, the management characteristic not only need to satisfy the tourist food and lodging the need, but also requests to have the public service facilities, satisfies the tourist to rest, the entertainment, the shopping comprehensive need, causes the traveling to live richly colorful,Google TV remote obtains on the spiritual and material enjoyment.

  6. economy hotel: Economy hotel many for traveling business trip preparation, its low in price, the service convenience is quick. But the characteristic said that is quick goes quickly, the overall rhythm is quick, realizes the lodging and the business mutual benefit pattern.

  7. chain-like hotel: The chain-like hotel may say that is the economy hotel high-quality goods, such as is not peaceful, like the family and so on well-known brand hotel, holds the market share is also bigger and bigger.

    8. apartment type hotel: The hotel type apartment attracts the dead beat and the busy person hotel type serves the apartment, began in 1994 most early Europe, Italy “served for the hotel-like, the apartment-like management”, at that time in the tourist area rented to the tourist, for its momentary rest's property, by managed the company to carry on the unification specially to visit to manage, both had the hotel nature and to be equal to individual “the temporary housing”. These properties have become the hotel type apartment embryonic form. Both can enjoy the attentive service which in the hotel type apartment the hotel provides, and can enjoy the home the joy, the inhabitant not only has the independence bedroom, the living room, Wei Yujian, cloak room and so on, but may also in the kitchens the cooking delicacy family meat dishes.

In the morning may use the breakfast in the hotel dining room; Room by apartment service person cleaning; Needs to deliver meal to the room, the business trip decides the airplane ticket, only need telephone to the service desk then to be possible to solve, very suitable to be also lazy the IT young couple which was busy. Because the hotel type serves the apartment mainly to concentrate in the town center upscale residential district, collection housing, hotel, office multi-purpose in a body, therefore present, if hires, the price is not generally low. According to hotel construction scale classification

  At present did not have a unified division standard to the hotel scale traveling Administrative department. The general taxonomic approach is by the guest room and bed quantity how many, differentiates for the large-scale, medium and small-scale three kinds