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Miserable bear


Miserable bear sin, peace of mind trapped in the wall was located into 2006, did not always see trouble, Zhao Liqun became the conscience of the fluke. February 2006 a full month, he had the highest award the lottery every day and repeat Daoda Duijiang total of more than 500 times.

Daoda lottery, he was calculating how much revenue was to hand, however, took the prize on behalf of leading people, he is still some fear, a feeling sooner or later the total caught. Close the shop at night, he often came to sit outside of a small river, sit for several hours.Tin BoxesHis nightmare, more and more often living in a dream cliff. He and his wife used to loving exception, now fear that the dream that exposed the mouth, he started with his wife compartment door, and sometimes simply stop living in the lottery.

To restore the psychological balance, he often pick a quarrel with his wife quarreling. His wife thought he had an affair, he quietly followed him. Zhao Liqun discovered, worried that his wife found his shady secret, never manipulated his wife, he beat his wife meal. Beaten his wife sobbed quietly, asked him: "how do you become more and more wrong with the character?" Zhao Liqun hedged long time, speechless. Zhao Liqun feel very sorry for his wife, for compensation for psychological, one day in March 2006, Zhao Liqun with his wife's name kept 100 million, and then book to his wife.

She then asked the origin of money, he lied to Gambling in the award. Zhao Liqun son has been on the primary worship Father, childish and said: "I should learn to grow up, Dad, earn a lot of money honor her mother." Zhao Liqun blurted out: "Do not learn from me." Wife and son a look of surprise , Zhao Liqun Samsam away. Money, the beauty of the wife, the market for high-end clothes,Lottery Terminal Zhao Liqun repeatedly obstructed, but can not say the right reasons.

Once, his wife insisted on buying fancy clothes, Zhao Liqun not convince them, and beat his wife meal. Understand his wife cried and said: "our family days off, and I would rather live a more pain. I really want to return to the past days of no money, how can you become like it?" Deserted after the energies are pinned Zhao Liqun amassed wealth in the. May 2006, he bought two lottery machines, to other people's names to apply for a license.

After more than master the tools of crime, he does not return on the lopsided, the means of deceiving the public tricks one after another. He often put a lot of non-winning tickets are saved, he gave people a chance to see and grimaces, said: "could not bear children set vain wolf.

Some people envy me, I did not watch the original capital and how much!" His wife repeated Zhao Liqun egg on a car or house, spring and summer of that year, he bought a three bedroom house, two cars. But buying a house and car, he deliberately used the installment plan, and intends to external publicity: "Although I have an apartment and a car, in fact, more than half of the banks."

Zhao Liqun also deliberately sent out the signal that you have several an expert to see, said he is poised lottery station, bound out of that rich person.wholesale fashion jewellery Some of his winning lottery ticket in the station repeatedly surprise, he picked up some books trick: "Knowledge is power, the world can certainly be done. Everything has rules of the lottery too." However,