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Miss you


just like yesterday in the eyes, as if the past has not experienced. Why do I think of it is so clear, it all seems to just start, and I is no longer me, I am a stranger in a watch of a youth. Time is always not memories, many pictures want to remember through text, can not move, the text will have disappeared without a trace, leaving the ink drops a little, a bit like chrysanthemum blooms in a blank paper, but the pen still stubborn, my inability to hand in strong but it is, in that once and broken dreams with the stubborn and miss start a short, short. But I know not to write much, after all, some things not words can explain.

Everything will start. There was no what, I don't remember how I met, I still do not understand this from the bottom of my heart have revealed. Only at a certain season play a big nor small rain, you are riding a bike, the right hand holding a blue umbrella, long shadow is not like that I have been longing for the girls, just blue will always be my best love, just like I love the blue sky blue. Then you go on the way home, and I just behind you leisurely to the. Originally they have no intersection, God must let the horizon and the horizon interweave together, perhaps it interweaves looks like cross mark can better highlight the God's magic. It's just around the corner the occasion, I still dream up, you should back with me in the eye, but one of your careless action but I stiffly from that which was not there nothing back, you did not stay long, although living in the rain, but I always remember the good have a look at the time. The later you will continue your journey, as if nothing happened. And I, but I could not resist your eyes from surprise attack, with eyes that was branded in my innermost soul, such as the Dunhuang cultural relics, once existed for a long time, long time silence. Can the soul is unwilling to remain out of the limelight, any good thing too, just as Dunhuang truly brilliant is a Taoist Wang opened. Perhaps the Taoist Wang is the arrangement of God; perhaps that few articles is arranged by the

I believe that God does this to let me understand a truth: incomplete is so beautiful, so is the beauty? Here, Dunhuang is still the best example of cultural relics, Dunhuang only in the destroyed was moved when, Chinese people truly know its value; about you too, perhaps the only time in being quiet for a long time will become more let me fall. I cannot say, but I still want to say to you: why do you walk so fast? Anxious I have forget, forget that once haunted me for a long time failed to disperse name, I even wrote you, can only touch on lightly the review, also with the child 's characters to writetickck |tick time |coolday |coffeeshop |sarddy lin's blog |靜靜的 |琳琳na,

I also do not want to talk about your beauty, more willing to share with the world your beauty, but before writing under this pile of pulmonary words, I want to say nothing but only a: I really want