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Mothers can take warning

Mother love is great, it let every heart filled with warmth. However, everything has its scale. If love had a head, become spoiled, the great maternal love will change, it can not only cultivate the beautiful flowers, but nurture one's indifferent heartkay.

Today, I am a distant aunt suddenly come 漟栱厝俥to my home to visit relatives, just arrived a few minutes, she told me about her son. They have three daughters, a son. Because of the traditional feudal thought influence, they married two men are superior to women, almost all his love to his son. When the son for adult after what is the result? Is the son to their apathy and repeatedly rake in the money. She now regrets, had two daughters were admitted to a key senior middle school, the couple in order to save the money for his son to go to university, just do not give daughter tuition. So the daughter now became without knowledge of the farmer. In order to give her son to create a superior living environment, the couple to work in the city, to send his son to school city. Start, son of the learning achievement has come out in front, which became the couple's pride. At home, my parents never told his son to do any housework, has had a live on the labour of others. Aiko mother know, she has been moving towards the risk of children 's road.

Senior high school entrance examination, son of achievement plummeting, mother asked around to his son please tutoring lessons, but his son ultimately failed to enter a key school. In order to his son's future, the couple often quarrel, with the help of his friends, the son entered high school review class. The couple work earns most of its income to pay the cost of living son, till the son to work. The mother that her son had the job, her hard boiled over, which know son in the workplace fear of hardship, still call your parents some money. Mother said:" you take a job can earn money, how should parents send money?" Son is not happy, he had on the phone said bad words to mother. Finally, the mother gave her son just work, think, life can not be too bitter, sent him500 yuan, who knows, just over a week, the son also makes a telephone call to send money. A post five times, her mother angry, she decided not to send money to his sonLearn That...

After six months, his son to go home. To see his son back, the couple Happy tears. However, when the mother saw her son 's eyes, her heart is cool. She doesn't know why she bear bitter hardships raised her son's eyes did not reveal to the family after being apart a long time of joy? She did not understand. Son is in the home for the night and left, go and asked his mother for money, mother didn't have the heart to leave the house, the doctor to come up with the money to his son, and said:" I got gall-stone, the doctor said to dynamic operation, give you 1000 yuan this year, I have no money to do operation, can only wait for the next year." His son didn't answer his mother, holding the mother used to money to see the doctor set foot on to the city unit of work vehicle.

Here, my aunt has choke with sobs. I don't know how to comfort her aunt, let them all pour out, maybe cry she will feel bette 早春之息r.

I think, my aunt 's son so, have the most reason is caused due to spoiled, spoiled her son into a bourgeois wen-wan Ku children, give this not rich families bring disaster. " Love has inverse." Someone once said, it seems, indeed.