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My eyes to see

The corner of my eye, swept the past old hometown, my fingers through the wind withered flowers wither, cream of broken grass stems, my mood on fell in the dust in the cliff, there seems to have stuck with the original red bed soft, romantic flowers.

My footsteps, step on the garden cold attachment dirt, looking at the hard soil and dust fall, a kind of feeling attacked my brow tip. My eyes fixed on hidden in from a maple red, a nameless pain, from the depths of the soul spread, until every nerve, this pain, here, sprinkled the awakened life antidote, here is my dream place generation after generation of entanglement lock.
You see, the old maple tree, still, still remember my life 's ups and downs and lonely, seems to have every piece of red maple leaf, is filled with reincarnation of my scars such as ink, you see the leaves on a vertical main and collateral channels, is my generation after generation of tears River wrote down immortal mark, looking at the trunk such as Cang Qiu, that's my life countless struggles, brewing a lines.
I fell at his feet, tears wet to my every leaf, they talk to me a few thoughts on the world. But, where are you? That makes me look for a few world situation off the horizon, you can let me meet Ceng Yin in place, wait for me to look for father 's Day gift?

I carefully in foliage tour, looked at every piece of information about your air and the maple leaf, a wisp of hair falling in my hands. I smelled the ray Qingsi, where is your breath hold, that is, when we experience life cycle, you from my hair off a wisp of hair, you say, this is your life for my voucher, but, now, he was lost in the dust-laden past Brideshead Revisited, the horizon, we are also in the red dust in the cycle of pain? Will miss our life together? Lost the thread of black hair, whether we will always just opposite to meet only rub shoulders back and passenger rush?
When I crawl in front of Buddha cried when Buddha, gently said to me:" loss is common PPG, that ray Qingsi engraved into his soul, as long as your heart, there will always be people in the vast sea to meet, because, he also had prayed before the Buddha in one's whole life, he turned into a stone, Ren thousand million people in his body to sharpen, only to meet with you in that moment, this world, want to see you! Remember, there is only you rub shoulders back and fate, otherwise, your generation after generation is still painful reincarnation!", you have prayed to Buddha for one hundred years, I quietly waiting? But we are meant only to wipe a shoulder head instantaneous, but, in that moment where, who are destined to be my shoulder rub back and opportunity? I want to look at the,, where to find? I was wandering in the storage of my past abandoned garden, confused not the where to find the past love, I persuade myself to give up, just for this time in my shoulder, exhausted face gaunt, just for this time to wipe the shoulder back, no, not this time to wipe a shoulder looking back, is for my life in that love, is for the one who turned into stone persistence, I have to find you!
Is that you? Find a rainbow background to this still fiery maple, your fingers gently stroking it that every life, I see your eyes with the tears, is the familiar feeling of warmth, is you, so, even if we separated so long, I still can Ruoshui river will you recognize, original Buddha said is true, everything has been carved into our souls, we can remember each other every twinkle and smile beautyexchange .
I see in your eyes the surprise, yes, you recognize me, after all we love several of reincarnation lovers, we are familiar with each other. Every taste, we have numerous work came to maple, static view time rolls on, butterfly flying eagle, every star in the sky is our each other eye contact sardine.
We can condense the moment, your hand, want to touch my hair, but the Buddha said to me in my ears, just brush a shoulder back, we can't have too many painful reincarnation, I know, this life of no margin, next life we can forever together, until the the end of life. At your fingertips to touch the moment, I chose from your side of the pass, I see your hand, stiffness in the wind, your face is clearly written and I have the same disappointment and confusion nutrition.
I walked in that moment, the trees like maple leaves, fall down, red the wild garden, together we look up, look at, red maple, glimpses of the moment, we see the smile on the face, a calm, a persistent, a lovesickness, an understanding, in this moment, parcel everything, so all the language is unnecessary, so we turned and, together with in my heart silently bless you, hope this life, can be happy, can have a tolerance you love each other, then, we adhere to more firmly, for you, my love!
This dusty our past achievements of our hometown, GFP all together with the separation, the next life we meet in heaven, then, there would still be red like fire, then, we will walk together in the falling maple, with a relatively happy old!