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My family will do an overall cleaning today.

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Let us for the cleaning today company cleaning!!Today, new home to do the cleaning, at this time tomorrow you can enter the furniture! Oh, renovation was soon to end, because so many busy days, results can come out immediately household cleaning!
Tomorrow sofa, table, bookcase, the baby bed can come in! The master bedroom furniture to the next week, the entire room the whole structure has come out! Ha ha, good air, ventilation, and air, wait until the Spring Festival this year can move into new premises! Now I feel to live in a big house is comfortable! What can be put where, let a person feel relaxed very ah! Ha ha, although when "negative old man" also happy!
Some time ago to buy a house in heart uncomfortable, saying is to earn money all for real estate company. Now is not what to say, because of the price has gone up, while in district about two forward delivery housing have up to 2500square! We have a so good house is2090! If a house to buy now, not3000 yuan a squarehappiness |talking to you |tickck's Journal |vinda |cocopark |tick's diary |tickck!

So I think I do buy a house because it was the right decision! And two months before making a decision on a new house decoration is also right, because of the recent high prices of everything, if we start again decoration, must spend more money! Oh, buy a house not to regret, decoration is no regret! Estimates for the big house, you won't regret it!!! Today is clean, tomorrow into the furniture domestic helpers!