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The apple iPad is leading the industry computer is more and more serious in this upsurge, amidst the winds of change digital market, domestic Android camp flat share rise directly to a high position. It is reported, domestic manufacturers to realize digital recently will launch two new plate, and optional, except in hardware performance, user experience, new features and price above efforts, a plurality of the details of the performance is to meet user demand. These two models models are respectively F2CPRO and F0 fashion edition.

From a new picture, F2CPRO and navigation panel F2pro exterior styling design is basically the same, but F2CPRO is one of the performance and function extension of A10 intelligent navigation panel.

You choose, F2CPRO has used a 7 inch nominal maximum capacitance screen,acer tablet built-in 1.5GHz A10 multi-core chip, with 512M DDR3 memory, Mali 400 display chip configuration. The running Android 2.3 intelligent operating system, can support a rich Android applications, and follow-up can upgrade to Android 4, and support for 2160P video decoder. At the same time, the device is also provided with a precise positioning, satellite searching fast five generation SIRF navigation chip, with genuine beauty line map.

Realize F2CPRO

Another F0 fashion version is the continuation of the former F0 leading version of the housing, but the specific on what color of the main play or how the unique shape, the official did not disclose, but the basic configuration and F1 fashion edition. At the same time, the machine will continue to use RK2918 main control + SDK2.1, 4G memory and two resistive screen, support for capacity expansion and multi format video player.