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The breeze gently blowing, heart wound, too much care about, now turned to think too much. I don't want to continue to hold, I am afraid that I will be more sad. Once the promise and wait, now has become a think too much. You said our love, must grasp well, did not think you would hurt me. Hurt always said does not export, is love enough, or hurt too much. My heart, with the pain, always can not escape fate.

I met you, perhaps originally a mistake. Never thought that, I and you will have what result, perhaps from the very beginning, I didn't think about. Maybe it is you my results, even if the injured heart is lonely. Don't want to take over a little tenderness, to continue my future life. Don't want to torture, did not want to upset. I just want to from good, simple life. Maybe put a hand, put you, in love, in order to release myself.

Don't love me, do not close to me. Don't hurt me, don't give me. One's expectations, time and again lost, in the heart always difficult to plain wound. Really do not want to cut, but also do not want to go what to expect. Finally, in tears, learn to understand. Give you the last love, is to let go. The original love, may never come back. Don't want to tangle the feelings, your heart is me, maybe only you understand.

Originally, the feeling still can not escape the fate, will eventually escape the fate of time, this feeling may go too far, we might never come back, like a broken kite. I don't want to continue to struggle, because I always don't understand. In heart's pain, but also a spreads in the mind, allow me the last time entanglement. Time stopped here, our love has come to here. Always want to leave, as short-term pain long pain. I will leave with a smile, I believe this will be brave. Ever since then, I will take a good love. Without you in my life, I will bravely. Happy smiling, brave and strong, no longer hurt.